Google Home having big Bluetooth issues: What you need to know

Google Home
(Image credit: Google)

Google has acknowledged a Bluetooth connectivity issue with its Google Home smart speakers that's existed for at least a year. As of last month the company says it's working on a fix.

Users have shared Reddit and Twitter posts dating back to December 2018 about the Google Home and Home Mini smart speakers not being able to maintain a Bluetooth link without disconnecting. Android Police catalogued the series of complaints and spotted Google's recent response.

An Android Police writer also experienced the connectivity issues first-hand. They, along with several frustrated Reddit and Twitter users, say that after few minutes of working properly, their Google Home speakers disconnect from the Bluetooth device with which they paired it.

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That's not to say a Google Home can't play music. Using Google Assistant or Chromecast, users can stream all sorts of audio through their home speaker when its connected to Wi-Fi. The issue here arises when they attempt to DJ through Bluetooth on their phone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Bluetooth might not be the preferred way to play music on any smart home speaker, but it's an expected option upon purchase and it's pretty surprising Google took so long to realize how widespread the problem is.

If you are having Bluetooth issues with your Google Home, Home Mini or Nest Mini speaker, try using Wi-Fi-enabled workarounds like casting your audio or asking your Google Assistant for music. 

And now that Google has acknowledged the Bluetooth problem, hopefully the fix comes more promptly.

Kate Kozuch

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