Google Chromecast gets massive upgrades at CES 2024 — here’s what’s new

Google Chromecast playing a TikTok video
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At CES 2024 Google introduced a slew of improvements to its product lineup, including Android Auto updates that allow EVs to send battery status to Google Maps, Quick Share gaining traction across a wider net of Google devices, and many Chromecast enhancements that grant the product new legs for adoption.

One of the headline new features on Chromecast is official TikTok casting support, allowing users to send their favorite short-form videos to built-in Chromecast devices. Google stated that TikTok live video casting is also coming to Chromecast later in the year.

Additionally, Chromecast support will be coming to new displays, most notably the 2024 LG TV lineup. Later in the year it will also come to TVs on the LG Hospitality and Healthcare platform, the latter of which pertains primarily to hospital and hotel LG kit-supported displays. Select Hisense and TCL TVs will also be gaining built-in Chromecast support.

And that’s not all, as additional audio casting and Fast Pair procedures will also be making their jump onto the Chromecast platform.

TikTok on the big screen

If you were tired of having to look down at your phone to experience your favorite short-form content, rest easy as TikTok is now supported on Chromecast. This means you can cast TikTok videos straight to your TV if it supports Chromecast, so you can stop straining your neck watching hilarious videos.

Google announced in its press release that support for casting live TikTok video is also coming to Chromecast built-in devices “soon”, though no word on specifics.

If that wasn’t enough, Chromecast on Google TV is also gaining the Fast Pair feature, which enables more seamless Bluetooth connectivity with devices (including headphones and earbuds). The Fast Pair feature will be arriving on additional Google TV devices later into 2024 and will require support for Bluetooth Low Energy and Android location services on paired headphones/earbuds.

In other casting circles, a new feature will allow users to send Spotify or YouTube Music from their Pixel phone to a docked Google Pixel Tablet, making it easier for users to experience their favorite content on the fly. Google sees it as a way for users to seamlessly transfer the music they’re listening to on-the-go to their Pixel Tablet after arriving home.

Chromecast spreads its reach

Chromecast will be finding a brand new home on select 2024 TVs, including most of those under LG’s upcoming lineup, like the LG C4 OLED. It’s also coming to the Hisense 2024 TV lineup, specifically on the ULED and ULED X series displays, and even TCL’s Q Series and QM7 TVs.

The firm also noted that Chromecast support will be coming to LG’s Hospitality and Healthcare platform later in the year. This will allow those travelling in hotels or sick in hospital to cast content straight from their phone to compatible LG TVs, ensuring you don’t have to sign in to all of your varied streaming accounts.

The tech conglomerate highlighted that its Google TV and older Android TV software suites are now available on over 220 million devices, allowing users to cast audio and video in tandem with access to native apps. It’s added proof in just how beloved the Chromecast system and the company’s TV OS software has become in the past several years.

Matter, the ever-growing smart home platform, is also gaining a bit more leeway with compatible hub support on Google TV, Android OS devices, and LG TVs via Google Home. This will make it far simpler for users to add Matter devices to their home network and work them via the Google Home app, though the company did not specify when to expect its rollout.

It comes on the heels of Amazon announcing that it won’t be supporting Chromecast or AirPlay on Fire TVs, as it will be leveraging Matter Casting in their stead. Given that Google and Apple both already have their own casting features, it’s unlikely that either company will adopt Matter casting support, though time will only tell.

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    Google has a rotten reputation for abandoning and killing off truly good and useful functions, tools and apps, and THIS is what they choose to focus on?!... TIKTOK CASTING??!!!! I'm so beyond fed up with Google.