Forget OLED TVs: LG's new laser projector beams a 120-inch image at 3,700 lumens

A couple watching the LG HU915QE in their living room.
(Image credit: LG)

LG has announced a new 4K laser projector that boasts some bleeding-edge specs, including 3,700 ANSI lumens brightness and a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

It’s called the LG HU915QE Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projector (not the catchiest name ever) and it’s the sequel to LG HU715Q that LG announced earlier this year.

Being an ultra-short throw projector, the HU915QE is able to produce 90-inch images — larger than even the best 4K TVs out there — from just 2 inches away from the wall. Scootch it back to seven inches from the wall and you’ll get a 120-inch screen size.

In terms of design, the new model looks like a squat, rectangular box with a fabric mesh covering the speaker grille. Inside, the projector sports a 2.2-channel, 40w speaker system — probably a bit lackluster compared to the best soundbars — but LG says that can be enhanced by adding additional wireless Bluetooth speakers. 

For streaming fans, the projector uses LG’s WebOS smart platform that has access to the best streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney Plus and more. LG says the projector supports screen mirroring and AirPlay 2 as well.

Last but not least, LG has equipped the HU915QE with a number of helpful TV technologies like HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping that adds an HDR-like visage to non-HDR content and LG's Brightness Optimizer II engine that can automatically adjust light output depending on the ambient lighting conditions in the room. Those are nice perks for a high-end projector like this and should make cinephiles very happy.

So how much is it going to cost? Well, that’s where things get a bit murky. 

LG hasn’t said exactly how much the latest member of the Cinebeam family will set you back, but it’s definitely going to be in the $5,000 to $6,000 range. The LG HU85LA, another laser projector with a similar design and specs, cost $4,999 when it came out in 2019. There’s a chance the newer model may be a bit cheaper, but not by much.

Until we get a firm release date there’s no way of telling how much the HU915QE will cost, but if the $3,000 HU715Q is anything to go by, it’s not going to be cheap. 

Looking for something a bit more affordable? The LG HU85LA is now down to under $3,000. Check out the latest deals below.

Nick Pino
Managing Editor, TV and AV

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