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EOFY 2022 ends soon – but there's still great last-minute bargains to be had

Shopping for EOFY deals
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Tax time is both a blessing and a curse. Nobody enjoys doing their taxes, but if you get a nice return, why not spend it! Every year, most Aussie retailers hold an EOFY sale. It's a great opportunity to grab a bargain or get a discount on a high-priced Item that you've been looking to splurge on.

Tax time may come with another perk if you're working from home. An item that's purchased for work purposes can be tax deductible, making EOFY a good time to grab hold of any items you've been waiting to snag.

EOFY sales are ending soon though, so don't hold out too long. Most retailers will end their offers on June 30, so you don't have long to take advantage of the price drops.

Below is a list of some of the big Aussie retailers offers EOFY discounts and deals. So have a look-see and pick up a bargain or two. Happy hunting!

EOFY 2022: retailer list

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Amazon Daily Deals (opens in new tab)

Amazon's Mid-Year Sale isn't officially an EOFY sale, but it's always worth looking out for a bargain there, and there are some beauties.

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Appliance Central | deals on TVs, microwaves and more (opens in new tab)

Appliance Central is a great place to pick up a big item like a fridge or TV, or something small like a kettle or shaver. Appliance Central deals do rotate, so check back regularly if the item you're looking for isn't on sale at a price you fancy.

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Appliances Online | bargains on whitegoods and electronics (opens in new tab)

If you're after something specific, Appliances Online is another great place to look. There are some great deals to be had, so make sure to check back if you're hunting for a bargain.

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AVG antivirus software (opens in new tab) 

Sometimes 5% off or 10% off is a good deal, but with AVG's EOFY sale, you can score 50% off or more! Take charge of your PC's security with an AVG's Security solution.

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Bing Lee | deals on electronics and appliances (opens in new tab)

Bing Lee carries a whole range of different electronics - big or small. The chances are Bing Lee has what you need and if your timing is right, often at a good discount.

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Bitdefender | 60% off antivirus subscriptions (opens in new tab)

Bitdefender is one of the better security suites out there. There are several versions of the software depending on your needs. And its pretty hard to complain when they're up to 60% off.

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Bose | deals on audio gear (opens in new tab)

Bose's EOFY sale is underway and there are plenty of deals to be found across its range of audio gear. Keep an eye out for deals on refurbished products. Some of the portable speakers have particularly nice discounts right now, though you'll have to be quick as they tend to go out of stock quickly.

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Dell EOFY sale | up to 40% off PCs, laptops, monitors and more (opens in new tab)

Dell is no stranger to offering discounts. Sometimes it offers truly big savings in dollar or percentage terms. Dell's XPS and Inspiron ranges are up for grabs during its EOFY sale, and Alienware monitors are some of the best on the market, even before discounts.

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eBay | save up to 22% off games, tech and much more (opens in new tab)

eBay is always a great place to go hunting for a bargain. There's almost always one kind of sale or another underway. If you're not an eBay Plus member (opens in new tab), its well worth signing up for even bigger savings.

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Google Store | AU$250 off the Pixel 6 Pro (opens in new tab)

Google's Android camera phones are very highly regarded and you can grab one with a good discount during Google's EOFY sale. There are bargains to be found on its Nest products too.

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HP EOFY sale | up to 40% off (opens in new tab)

HP has some awesome discounts on its range of systems, laptops, monitors and peripherals. Some laptops are discounted by a whopping 40%, but HP changes which ones get such hefty discounts. It's worth checking back regularly.

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Kogan | up to 50% off tech and homewares (opens in new tab)

Kogan is offering some big discounts on its own Kogan branded tech, but there's a whole lot of just about everything else on sale with some big discounts too. It's well worth checking out.

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Lenovo | up to 60% off (opens in new tab)

If you thought Dell and HP's sales were good, check out Lenovo! Some of its laptops are 50% off, if not more.

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Microsoft | discounts on Surface devices and bundles (opens in new tab)

Microsoft's Surface devices are generally highly regarded - even without a discount. Microsoft often make up bundle deals with heavily discounted accessories, but throughout June the standalone Surface Duo 2 (opens in new tab) is available at a good price too.

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Mwave | discounts on PCs, peripherals and components (opens in new tab)

If you're a PC enthusiast, PC retailer Mwave has a wide range of EOFY discounts across its site. There are bargains to be found on PC components, systems, accessories or peripherals. You might even find a graphics card bargain! That would have been impossible last year. 

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Norton antivirus suites | up to AU$95 off (opens in new tab)

Norton is perhaps the biggest name in the AV industry and right now you can get a discount on a number of its Norton 360 packages. It's a jungle out there! Stay safe.

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Razer | up to 45% off peripherals (opens in new tab)

There's some terrific bargains to be found at Razer Australia's webstore. Razer's highly regarded keyboards and mice, headphones and a whole range of other products have big EOFY discounts right now.

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Secretlab | up to AU$180 off (opens in new tab)

Secretlab's gaming chairs are held in high regard. There are some great dollar discounts available right now. If you do grab one of these thrones, your butt and back will thank you.

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Telstra | up to 50% off (opens in new tab)

There's a whole range of products on sale as part of Telstra's EOFY sale. There are discounts on new phones or a range of accessories to go with it. There are some discounts on prepaid plans too. Until June 30th you can get AU$15 credit on a home internet plan. 

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The Good Guys | discounts on home appliances and tech (opens in new tab)

The Good Guys EOFY sale runs throughout June. Check back regularly to see what discounts it has on offer across its big range of tech, appliances and accessories.

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Trend Micro | up to 50% off new subscriptions (opens in new tab)

Trend Micro is another well regraded security suite provider offering big EOFY savings. It's hard to complain about a 50% discount, though you'll need to be a new subscriber to take advantage of this offer.

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Vodafone | up to AU$300 off on phones with plans (opens in new tab)

If you've been holding out for a new Apple or Samsung phone, its definitely worth checking out Vodaphone's EOFY deals. If you don't mind hopping onto a plan, you could save hundreds.

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