Elite season 5 release date, trailer and everything we know so far

Elite season 5
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We need more drama, and thankfully Elite season 5 is almost here, with its release date on the imminent horizon. On the surface, Elite may seem like your standard teen drama, focusing on students at the exclusive Las Encinas secondary school and the ups and downs they experience while growing up. 

However, the introduction of some pretty intense twists and turns early on has made Elite much less predictable — and a whole lot more dangerous. Season 4 may have only just hit Netflix, but that hasn't stopped fans from wondering when they can expect Elite season 5. 

The good news is that Netflix renewed the series for another season before the current one was even released, so it will definitely be happening. That being said, the details so far are pretty sparse. However, there are a few hints when it comes to what we can look forward to once Elite season 5 hits our screens, especially given the major cast changes that have already been announced.

Here's everything we know so far about Elite season 5. Looking for more things to watch? Check out our guide to the best shows on Netflix.

Elite season 5 release date 

Elite Season 5 is coming out right around when we said it would, with an announced release date of Friday, April 8. Our original hypothesizing follows:

It's difficult to know when Elite season 5 will be released on Netflix, but we've got clues. However, the streaming giant has been urging fans to get excited about it for months, tweeting back in February 2021: “Elite fans get ready for more because the show has been renewed for a fifth season!"

While it’s impossible to know exactly when new episodes will be available, we can look to the release of Elite’s previous seasons for a few hints. Season 3 was released in March 2020 while season 4 was delayed slightly to June 2021 due to COVID-19. This means there's roughly a year between each season. If Elite season 5 follows suit, it should be released sometime around April or May 2022.

Elite season 5 trailer

While the drama is amping up in the first Elite season 5 trailer, we've also got our sights on new cast members. Isadora (Valentina Zenere) is a young heiress of a huge nightlife business empire, and Iván (André Lamoglia), is the son of the world’s biggest soccer star.

Elite season 5 cast 

Elite season 5 casts

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Given the nature of the thrilling series, the cast of Elite tends to have regular shake-ups, and Elite season 5 will be no different. While the likes of Mencía (Martina Cariddi), Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Omar (Omar Ayuso), Rebeka (Claudia Salas), Patrick (Manu Rios), and Ari (Carla Díaz) are expected to be back, they'll also be joined by two new cast members: Argentinian actress Valentina Zenere and Brazilian actor André Lamoglia. Details of their roles are currently unknown, but more info is sure to come to light as we get closer. 

One character who won’t be returning to the show is Armando (Andrés Velencoso), who was killed by Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) in season 4. Guzmán is also unlikely to appear in season 5 after going away to travel with Ander (Aron Piper). 

There are a few others who will also likely depart, especially given that Elite loves to switch up the storylines they follow from season to season, but either way, Elite season 5 is sure to bring some crazy new drama.

Elite season 5 plot

It's impossible to know what storylines Elite season 5 will focus on, especially since every season that has come before has gone in a completely different direction than the last. Following such different threads every year keeps viewers on their toes and ensures we never really know what’s coming our way.

That being said, given the two new cast additions — and those are only the first two to be confirmed, not necessarily the only ones taking place — Elite will likely be following a whole new thread involving the new characters. Whether they'll make it to the end of the season alive and well is a whole other question, but isn't that part of the fun?

Is Elite season 5 the final season?

There has been no suggestion that Elite season 5 could be the end of the series, but given how often characters either go missing or end up dead on the series and the fact that the show is based at a high school from which most of the cast will eventually graduate, it’s not unreasonable to assume that there’s a shelf life to the show.

Then again, that's complete conjecture. Netflix hasn't so much as hinted at calling it a day after season 5, so there's a chance that Elite could keep going for many more years to come, focusing on new groups of students as they begin attending Las Encinas.

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