Dish Wireless just challenged the big 3 phone carriers with $25 unlimited plan

Dish Wireless
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More than two years after T-Mobile closed its merger with Sprint, a potential rival is looking to join the ranks of the major phone carriers. And it's doing so by offering unlimited data for half the cost of its competitors.

Dish Wireless announced today (December 7) that it's launching an early access beta for its Boost Infinite wireless plan. Sign-ups will run through December at the Boost Infinite beta website, in advance of the full launch of the service during the first three months of 2023.

Boost Infinite offers unlimited talk, text and data for $25 a month. To put that price in context, T-Mobile's stripped-down Essentials plan starts at $60 per month for a single line, while the more feature packed Magenta and Magenta Max plans cost $70 and $85, respectively.

The Boost Infinite price would easily be the cheapest entry among the best unlimited data plans for major carriers, with AT&T's Value Plus Plan the next cheapest unlimited option at $50/month. Verizon's cheapest offering, Welcome Unlimited, starts at $65/month for one line.

Don't expect a lot of perks with Boost Infinite. Stephen Stokols, executive vice president of retail wireless at Dish Wireless, said the plan lacks benefits like complementary streaming service subscriptions and weekly giveaways. "It's just the basics, at a price point that's more than 50% lower than the next closest [plan]," he added.

Customers signing up for Boost Infinite can expect that price to stay in place for a while, though. Dish Wireless is promising "forever pricing" that keeps the $25 monthly rate for customers who stick with Boost Infinite and keep their account in good standing.

At launch, Dish Wireless is using the networks of competitors AT&T and T-Mobil, including their 5G networks. Dish plans to bring its own network online next year to supplement coverage.

You'll be able to bring your own phone to the Dish Wireless service, though the carrier also plans to sell phones. Initially, available devices will include popular handsets from Apple and Samsung, with financing available to let you pay off the device in monthly installments.

Boost Infinite is the company's first postpaid offering. It also operates the Boost prepaid service, after that was spun off to Dish in the wake of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger.

It's obviously too early to see if Dish Wireless can muscle its way into the best phone carrier rankings. But given the aggressive pricing on its first plan, the newest wireless provider looks like it's going to put up a fight against its more established rivals.

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