Cync goes big into smart home with a new Nest thermostat rival — and a lot more

Cync smart thermostat
(Image credit: Savant)

Cync, the brand formerly known as C by GE and now owned by Savant, is making a big push into the smart home category with a new smart thermostat, home security camera, and nearly a dozen smart lights. It's a sizeable expansion from its previous offerings, which were limited to a few bulbs and plugs. 

Just as significantly, these products are all relatively affordable — the most expensive is $129 — and will work with Matter, a new smart home standard that will launch later this year. Here's a brief rundown of everything Cync announced, and when they'll be available.

Cync Smart Thermostat

Cync smart thermostat

(Image credit: Savant)

While it's not as cheap as the $59 Amazon Smart Thermostat or the $99 Google Nest Thermostat, the $129 Cync Smart Thermostat is competitively priced. More importantly, it can be installed without a C-Wire, or common wire, which should make it easier for more homeowners to install themselves. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Cync Smart Thermostat can also work with remote temperature sensors ($29 each, sold separately), so you can tell it to keep the heat on until that room in the far corner of your house has warmed up. Unlike the remote sensors that work with the Ecobee SmartThermostat, though, Cync's sensors can only detect temperature, not someone's presence, so it'll warm up that room whether or not there's someone there. 

The Cync Smart Thermostat is available now at Lowe's, Best Buy, and Amazon.

Cync Outdoor Smart Camera

Cync outdoor camera

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The Cync Outdoor Smart Camera comes with a key feature not found on many of the best outdoor security cameras: local storage. That means you don't have to rely on an Internet connection if you want to save video from your camera. However, if you want to save videos to the cloud and get access to features such as motion, sound, and person detection, you'll need to sign up for a Cam Sync subscription, which is $30/year.

The Cync Outdoor Smart Camera will be available in both a wired or a battery/solar powered configuration. It records video at a resolution of 2K/1280P and has night vision, though it does not have a built-in spotlight or floodlight. The camera will be available in February for $99 for the wired model and $129 for the battery-powered version. The solar panel accessory will cost $44.

Cync smart lights

Cync smart bulb

(Image credit: Savant)

Cync has 11 new smart lights coming out, which include general-purpose bulbs as well as decorative filament-style (a.k.a. Edison) bulbs, candelabra, and globe bulbs, and there will also be two recessed lighting options. They will come in both white and color. The bulbs will be available in March, and will start at $11.99. 

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White RevealA19/soft white800$11.99
Full Color RevealA19/full color800$14.99
Full Color RevealBR30/full color750$21.99
Soft White CandelabraBC/soft white500$13.99
Soft White MediumBM/soft white500$13.99
Soft White ST19ST19/soft white500$14.99
Soft White G25G25/Soft white500$14.99
Full Color G25G25/Full color500$24.99
Full Color ST19ST19/Full Color500$24.99
Full Color Wafer4-inch/ Full color760$34.99
Full Color Wafer6-inch/Full color1000$39.99

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