Can't get to Galaxy's Edge? Build your own droid with this stellar Prime Day Lego deal

Lego star wars droid commander
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Prime Day is the perfect opportunity to get a discount on something that wouldn’t normally go on sale otherwise, something that’s cool but also kind of expensive at full retail price — just like Lego’s Star Wars-themed robotics set.

For a limited time, you can get the Lego Star Wars Droid Commander set for $134 at Amazon. That’s 33% off the usual price, and you still get all three droids for the money.

Lego Star Wars Droid Commander: now $134 @Amazon

Lego Star Wars Droid Commander: now $134 @Amazon
Teach your kids to code with help from a galaxy far, far away. Droid Commander teaches your kids coding and other STEM skills by playing with three actual Star Wars droids — which are infinitely cooler than other robots. The set is now $65 off at Amazon.

Lego has a long history of using its iconic bricks to get people (particularly kids) interested in robotics and coding. The Lego Boost theme is the company’s latest attempt, and the Star Wars Droid Commander set adds a little bit more fun into the mix. That's because it’s Star Wars, and Star Wars has the best robots.

Not only does Droid Commander let you build three iconic Star Wars droids (R2-D2, the mouse droid, and the Gonk droid), you’re also able to program their actions by coding in the Droid Commander app. The app has been specifically designed to help kids develop problem solving skills, learn to code, and acquire other STEM skills.

The app also comes with 40 interactive missions to make use of buildable props and, of course, the Lego droids themselves. It’s learning, but it’s also fun, so kids may not even realize they’re picking up valuable life skills as they play. Naturally, because it’s designed for kids, it’s not overly complicated either.

There’s a reason this is one of our favorite Lego Star Wars sets.

This is just one of many Prime Day deals available today, and it can be pretty difficult to try and navigate them all. Fortunately, we at Tom’s Guide have been rounding up all the best deals to save you the bother, so make sure to keep checking our Prime Day deals hub and see if there are any other bargains that are right for you.

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