Bad news for PS5, as Xbox plans something 'special' for E3 2020

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

As we know, Sony will not be bringing the PS5 to E3 2020, preferring to hold its own events. However, with no clear date for the PS5 reveal on the horizon, and Sony pulling out from other events like PAX East due to the coronavirus outbreak, it's become an increasingly risky strategy. On the other hand, Microsoft is bringing its Xbox Series X to the Entertainment Expo, and it sounds like it's going to be wild.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently took to Twitter to inform fans of some of the developments coming to E3 2020. While he was deliberately vague on the topics, we were able to glean some important information on his announcements. Check out the tweets below: 

As you can see, Xbox is planning a "deep portfolio" of games for E3 2020, promising console launch years are "special". It sounds like we're getting a big reveal regarding Xbox Series X's official launch lineup. 

Although the Xbox Series X will carry no console exclusives, it will carry games designed to be played up and down the Microsoft line, whether you're on the next-gen Series X, the current Xbox One or even on PC. Besides, a recent poll found only 13% of gamers considered exclusive games a dealbreaker when deciding on console purchases. 

Titles that are expected to make their way to E3 include Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, which launched with a stunning trailer during the Xbox Series X announcement at the Game Awards last year. 

Also due to appear is Halo: Infinite. Developer 343 Industries has promised that E3 2020 will be a "big moment" for Halo: Infinite, and the team is likely to keep quiet before then. Halo is more or less Xbox's most well-known exclusive title, so we'll finally be able to see what the 343 team have been up to with Microsoft's next-generation technology.

Other titles we're expecting includes cross-platform RPG shooter Outriders, Ubisoft's Gods and Monsters and plenty of other big names. As Spencer and the rest of the team will be on the ground at E3 2020, we're also looking forward to some more technical hardware reveals, rather than the brief glimpse of the console we got at last year's Game Awards. 

It's an exciting time to be a gamer. As Spencer rightly said, launch years are special. With the anticipation for both next-gen consoles reaching fever pitch, it remains to be seen what (and when) the PS5 will be unveiling closer to the time. Surely a reveal can't be too far away?

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