Apple Watch 6 gold edition just leaked — and it could be crazy expensive

Apple Watch 6 gold Edition model
(Image credit: L0vetodream)

The absurdly expensive gold Apple Watch Edition might be making a comeback with the Apple Watch 6, according to a new leak.

Frequent Apple leaker L0vetodream tweeted a batch of photos of a gold Apple Watch in what appears to be a case for carrying and charging the smartwatch that bears the ‘Edition’ branding. A quartet of plush-looking watch straps also features in the photos. 

The Apple Watch Edition is effectively a premium take on the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch 5 version comes in a titanium or ceramic finish, with some variants pushing past the $1,000 mark. But in 2015 Apple started selling an 18-karat gold version of its smartwatch dubbed simply the Apple Watch Edition. with prices starting at $10,000 and topping out at $17,000.  

Apple never revealed how many of the Apple Watch Edition models it sold. But in 2016 it discontinued the gold version, with the new Edition models being a lot more affordable, if still rather expensive. 

However, if the photos L0vetodream posted are legitimate then the Apple Watch 6 could be getting a gold Edition model. And it’s likely to include what looks like a suite of leather straps and leather-bound changing case. 

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From the photos the straps look suitably plush, like those you’d find on an expensive traditional watch. The case looks rather large, potentially letting the Apple Watch slide around in it. But it does come with what looks like a Lightning port on one of its sides, presumably to charge the smartwatch while it’s stowed in the box. 

Aside from that, it's hard to glean how the Apple Watch 6 Edition would be different from the standard model based on these images.

The next Apple Watch is expected to have a slew of new features, from an optical sensor on its side to replace the Digital Crown to a blood oxygen monitoring system, improved fall detection, and the ability to feedback health data to emergency services. It’s even expected to have a system that can monitor your mental health by detecting changes in your physical condition that could show you’re suffering from anxiety or stress. 

It’s also expected to get boosted performance, water resistance, and an upgraded wireless networking system to better help the Apple Watch 6 work independently from an iPhone. We’re expecting it to be revealed in September, potentially alongside or ahead of the iPhone 12

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