Apple TV just got tipped for Android phones

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Apple TV could soon be coming to Android phones, further extending the reach of Cupertino's streaming service and letting non-iPhone users enjoy the likes of Ted Lasso when on the move. 

That's according to somewhat reliable leaker ShrimpApplePro, who tweeted that an Apple TV app for Android is in “internal beta testing” and "will soon be released." If this is true then users of the best Android phones could soon enjoy watching some of the best Apple TV plus shows and movies

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Apple TV has been available on Android OS TVs and devices like the Chromecast for a while now, but its presence on Android phones could be a big boon, particularly for commuters who like to watch on the move. Soccer fans too would be able to make the most of Apple’s recent 10-year contract for exclusive rights to every MLS game from 2023. 

While Apple TV Plus isn't as established as the likes of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, it's arguably been going from strength to strength, especially with original hit shows like Severance getting critical acclaim. Cupertino's streaming service has expanded to other platforms, notably the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as streaming sticks for the likes of Amazon and Roku. 

So it does seem odd that Apple hasn’t previously embraced the Android mobile audience for its streaming service when plenty of the other best streaming services are present on both Android and iOS. Adding support for Apple TV Plus on Android phones, would not only boost the reach of the streaming service, but also would likely give Apple a revenue boost from potential new subscribers; from a consumer perspective that could then translate to more money to be spent on original exclusive shows. 

In the same tweet as their Apple TV prediction, ShrimpApplePro also mentions that Apple Music’s Android App is getting an update too. Perhaps with the rumored emergence of rival App Stores onto iOS, Apple is embracing a new era of cooperation. 

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