'Apple One' services bundle could launch with iPhone 12 — here's what you'll get

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Apple is planning to launch a software service bundle called 'Apple One' this fall alongside its new hardware, including the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 6.

Since Apple has thrown its weight behind services like Apple Music and Apple News Plus, and more recently Apple Arcade and Apple TV Plus, there's been rumors of a bundling program in the works. It seems like it's finally happening, with Bloomberg reporting Apple One is positioned to debut as early as October — and perhaps coincide with the iPhone 12's announcement.

Bloomberg says the bundles "are designed to encourage customers to subscribe to more Apple services."

Apple will employ a tier system, according to Bloomberg's sources. The most affordable option will bundle Apple Music and Apple TV Plus, while pricer tiers will tack on Apple Arcade, then Apple News Plus. Bloomberg claims that the bundle may save users $2 to $5 per month, depending on what tier they subscribe to.

Here's what each of those services cost alone, for reference:

There could be a tier that includes iCloud storage for saving photos and files, too. Storage right now costs $0.99, $2.99 or $9.99 per month depending on how many GB you need.

What do Apple's service bundles mean for you?

Of all Apple's services, Apple Music is the most popular, but its newer initiatives like Apple Arcade haven't drawn as much attention from iPhone users yet.

So if Apple can offer all its services at lower prices than they cost alone, it may entice users to establish loyalty, or try out services they might not otherwise.

Apple could also run a sign-up promotion, bringing the initial bundle tier costs down for a short period of time, or even making a trial free for a week or two.

If Apple One is happening in October, we should know more soon about its prices, and whether it will be included in the iOS 14 update when it's pushed this fall.

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