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Amazon Prime Day — here's the best deals for your pets

amazon prime day pet deals
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Prime Day deals don't just give you the chance to save a few bucks on the latest phones or laptops. All sort of products are on sale right now, including plenty of things my fellow pet owners would love to get their hands on.

There are discounts on all sorts of pet products, including basics like beds, grooming tools and food, alongside automatic pet feeders and more pet-friendly gear. So if you need to pick up some supplies for your pooch or kitty, today is the day to get to it.

Prime Day pet deals: Top deals right now

Prime day pet deals — the best deals right now

Amazon Basics Pet Essentials: prices from $9
Animal lovers should look no further than Amazon's own range of pet gear, which is seeing discounts of up to 30% thanks to Prime Day. Whether it's a cat tree, dog bed, or a bulk order of poop bags and litter, you're bound to find something you need on sale.View Deal

Furbo Dog Camera: was $169 now $118 @ Amazon
Keep an eye on your pets while they're on their own with this camera, which also doubles as a treat dispenser to keep them out of mischief. This offers full HD resolution, a built-in mic and speaker, full night vision, a 160-degree FOV and is compatible with Alexa.View Deal

PetKit Dog Water Bottle: was $19 now $12 @ Amazon
The weather is really hating up, and taking your dog out for walks is going to be thirsty work. So make sure your pup stays hydrated with this specialist doggie water bottle. It's lightweight, leakproof and has a little bowl for your furry pal to get his drink on when he needs it.View Deal

Petlibro automatic cat feeder: was $79 now $63 @ Amazon
Currently unavailable:
Keep your cat's (or small dog's) dinner on the right schedule with this automatic feed-a-majig. The Wi-Fi-enabled device can dispense up to 10 feeds a day, and offers 10 different voice recordings. It's controlled via the companion app, and records your feeding record for future reference. View Deal

Joyo Cat Window perch: was $36 now $29 @ Amazon
Cats love to relax, and with this window perch they can do it while checking out the world outside. Without taking up space on the window sill. It's easy to assemble, and rated to handle up to 40 pounds of weight.View Deal

VOVO Low Noise Pet Clippers: was $24 now $14 @ AmazonCurrently unavailable: If your pet needs a haircut, you might want to get hold of something like this. VOVO's professional-style dog clippers is cordless and offers three different speeds to trim away all that excess fur. The best part is it promises to run quietly, which will be beneficial for anxious pets.View Deal

Pawradise undercoat rake: was $17 now $14 @ Amazon
If your pet can't handle noisy clippers, maybe this will help. This undercoat rake can do wonders for their fur, with a design that's meant to safely comb out matted and tangled fur, and ease out the loose hair that's due to shed away. It's also designed to be friendly to the skin.View Deal

Leadhom Pet Stairs: was $50 now $35 @ Amazon
If you have a little pet with little legs, they're going to need some help getting to high spots. Whether it's the couch, the car, or somewhere else entirely. That's where Pet Stairs come in, giving them a way to climb to those heights comfortably. It's rated up to 50 pounds, and has a removable plush coat to make it kinder to their little feet.View Deal

Frontline Plus treatment: was $64 now $31 @ Amazon
It's always wise to keep your pet's flea and tick treatments up to date, especially in summer when the latter can absolutely thrive. Thankfully Prime Day is giving you over 50% off the normal price of Frontline's treatment, so take advantage while you can.View Deal

Whistle Go Explore GPS Tracker: was $128 now $103 @ Amazon
GPS trackers can be invaluable for keeping tabs on your pet outdoors, whether they're an outside animal, or in the event they get lost. The Whistle Go Explore attaches to your pet's collar, is waterproof, has a 20-day battery, a built-in night light, and tracks your pet's general activity. Just be warned that it does require an active subscription to work.View Deal

Simple Green Cat Stain & Odor remover: was $23 now $19 @ Amazon
Animals can be smelly and make a mess, especially if they're young. So be prepared with this stain and odor remover that contains special enzymes designed to clean up cat urine, faeces, blood, and vomit, to make your home seem good as new. The dog version is also on sale for the same price, which you can get hereView Deal

Omorc Expandable Pet Carrier: was $39 now $31 @ Amazon
Make the process of travelling with your pet a little easier, with this Prime Day deal. The Omorc expandable pet carrier can open out giving your pet extra space to settle down when they're not actually moving. I's also airline approved, so you won't have any issues at the airport.View Deal

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