Amazon Prime Day 2021 date just leaked — and there's two of them

Amazon Prime Day
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For years, Prime Day has been a two-day affair typically held in July. However, Prime Day 2021 could happen as early as June, according to a new report by Recode.  

Sources tell the publisher that Prime Day 2021 is moving to June in order to boost sales during the second quarter of the year. Last year, the pandemic caused Amazon's revenue to rocket by about 40%. Therefore a June Prime Day would help with financial comparisons to the second quarter of 2020. 

Amazon is denying the rumors, but the company has never been one to leak its Prime Day date ahead of time. In addition to the new date, rumors also indicate that Prime Day 2021 could occur in the summer and again in the fall. This means Prime members would face a double dosage of Amazon deals

Prime Day is designed to boost spending and sell Prime memberships. If the dual-month Prime Day rumor is true, it's unclear whether the retail holiday will remain a 48-hour affair during the summer and fall. 

Last year, the pandemic created an unprecedented surge in online shopping. As a result, Amazon was faced with major operational and logistical challenges that caused it to delay Prime Day till October 13 and 14. 

Amazon Prime Day originally started in 2015 as a way to celebrate the company's then 20th birthday. Since its inception, the faux holiday has grown into a 48-hour event celebrated in 18 countries. Traditionally, Prime Day has been celebrated early to mid July.

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