7 best new movies to watch on Netflix, HBO Max and more (Oct. 10-16)

(L to R) Michael Myers (Nick Castle/James Jude Courtney) and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in the poster for Halloween Ends
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This week's slate of the big new movies to watch online is chock-full of horror, so much so that we're not going to hide it. Interestingly enough, the slate of new Netflix movies is actually a tad bit light this week, but thankfully they've got a comedic Halloween movie where Marlon Wayans, Stranger Things' Priah Ferguson and Rob Riggle have to tussle with the spirits of the undead. 

But the big release of the week hits on Friday when Halloween Ends. No, it's not November 1st yet: the third and final chapter of the current Michael Myers saga concludes this week. And thankfully it's going straight to Peacock. Sure, I'll always argue that you should watch horror movies in movie theaters, but I can't blame anyone who wants to stay home to see Laurie Strode's last brawl. (Here's where you can watch all the Halloween movies.)

Meanwhile, HBO Max dishes up a retro-flavored Scooby-Snack, Clerks III hits digital on-demand, Hulu's got a new take on Romeo and Juliet, and Peacock's looking at all the rage directed at Barney the Dinosaur.

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Grimcutty (Hulu)

Grimcutty is a parent's worst nightmare of meme culture gone wrong. A panic begins at a high school once a young child stabs his sibling without explanation. Then, gossipy parents get concerned that it's a new trend. Then, it all goes paranormal, as someone is sending around photos of a pale, red-eyed, smiling beast called the Grimcutty. Anyone who gets it? Well, the Grimcutty's going to be visiting them soon. Grimcutty looks kinda like a modernized version of The Ring, but a little more literal.

Watch on Hulu right now

I Love You, You Hate Me (Peacock)

How could something incredibly wholesome lead to violence? I Love You, You Hate Me asks just that question as it analyzes the weird backlash to Barney the Dinosaur, a cute children's show host whose biggest crime might have been a cloying or annoying theme song. Yes, the words "I love you, you love me," sung in a weird monotone by a fuzzy dinosaur pushed some over the edge. The film analyzes the peculiar trend of destroying Barney merchandise in bizarrely malicious ways.

This might not technically be a movie, as it's a two-part documentary special that totals 2 hours in total and is released all at once, so it's a feature-length film with an intermission.

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Halloween Ends (Peacock)

All great things must eventually come to an end. And supposedly this might be it (for now) for Michael Myers and Laurie Strode's interminable slash-a-thon. The third chapter of the revival from director David Gordon Green (yes, the Pineapple Express guy) that threw out everything from the sequels that followed the 1978 classic is finally here. So, after you watch the Halloween movies in order, come back to see how Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) is trying to finally live a normal life. Unfortunately, as you might expect, a certain someone's standing (and stabbing) in the way.

Watch on Peacock starting Friday (Oct. 14)

Rosaline (Hulu)

So, you know about Romeo and Juliet. We all do at this point. And if you don't? Well, they're the original Starbucks (i.e. star-crossed) lovers, and their families had beef bigger than Taylor and Kanye's. And in Rosaline, we learn about Juliet's cousin Rosaline (Kaitlyn Dever, of Booksmart) who actually was just dating Romeo. And now that Rosaline's cousin is starting a romance with the Montague, she's taking it upon herself to break them up. Except, you know, as any high school graduate can tell you, Romeo and Juliet don't need anyone's help in burning out. Rosaline just needs to keep fair Romeo alive.

Watch on Hulu starting Friday (Oct. 14)

The Curse of Bridge Hollow (Netflix)

Halloween antics continue this month as Sydney (Priah Ferguson of Stranger Things) has to deal with the terror of the neighborhood's unfriendly decorations. Unfortunately, one of her biggest allies is her dear ol' dad (Marlon Wayans), a science teacher who isn't ready for this at all. It all begins to go down in their new house, where she makes a big mistake trying to have some spooky season fun. Come for the flaming pumpkins, stay for Marlon Wayans rocking dual chainsaws. 

Watch on Netflix starting Friday (Oct. 14)

Clerks III

I was supposed to be here today, but Randall (apparently) wasn't. Kevin Smith's Clerks series is still going on, and the QuickStop's Randall (Jeff Anderson) doesn't feel or look like a berzerker  during his latest shift, as he keels over and nearly dies. The incident inspires the clerk to go full-meta, and make a movie about being a convenience store clerk (that's familiar). Packed with all the cameos from the View Askewniverse that you would expect, plus Rosario Dawson sticking around from Clerks 2, the trilogy apparently ends on a very emotional note, according to sources. 

Buy it on Prime Video starting Friday (Oct. 14)

Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! (HBO Max)

While a Scoob! Sequel got trashed at HBO Max, a more-traditional Scooby-Doo Halloween special is about to hit. A definite throwback classic (not to be confused with Mindy Kaling's incoming and definitely-mature Velma show) this movie seems to get fairly meta about all things Scooby-doobie-Doo. So, if your Saturday mornings were filled with Mystery Machine exhaust, and want a retro Scooby-Snack, get ready for this weekend treat.

Watch on HBO Max starting Saturday (Oct. 15)

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