Your Samsung phone has a hidden fingerprint reader trick — try it now

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 open on its home screen
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Knowing how to use finger sensor gestures on your Samsung phone will unlock an effortless way to access your notifications or Samsung wallet with a simple swipe of a digit.

This hidden Samsung feature is one that’s been part of many of the best Samsung phones for several years now, but it’s one that you may not have known about.

It basically works by allowing your fingerprint reader to act like a swipe sensor, with a downward swipe dragging down the notification shade and an upward swipe opening your Samsung Wallet. This may not sound very exciting, but it’s certainly a time-saving feature that will avoid unnecessary hand gymnastics when you just want to check your notifications or access quick settings.

One caveat is that it only works on phones with a traditional fingerprint reader, such as those found on most mid-range Samsung phones, or even on the Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4. So, this won’t work if your phone has an under-display fingerprint reader.

Want to know how to use finger sensor gestures on your Samsung Galaxy phone? Check out our simple guide to find the answers.

How to use finger sensor gestures on Samsung phones

1. Open the settings menu, then tap Advanced features.

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2. Tap Motions and gestures then select Finger sensor gestures.

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3. Tap the toggle by Open notification panel to activate this feature. Alternatively, tap the toggle by open Samsung Wallet to activate that instead.

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You’re now good to go. To try it out, swipe your thumb or finger over your fingerprint sensor and prepare to be amazed as the notification shade or your Samsung Wallet appears before your very eyes.

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