DJI's new premium ebike looks great — but is it just a distraction from the US drone sales ban?

A male mountain biker on the new DJI Amflow PL electric mountain bike riding through a green wooded area
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China-based drone and consumer technology manufacturer DJI just announced a high-end, multi-thousand-dollar mountain ebike. The question is, why? 

DJI is most well known for its drones — including the best drone for most people, the DJI Mini 2 — stabilization rigs and vlogging cameras. So, why launch a pricey ebike and why now? While I don't have an answer to the former, the timing of this announcement may be more than just a coincidence.

The U.S. may ban DJI products soon

DJI Mini 4 Pro.

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Similar to TikTok, DJI faces a possible embargo in the United States. How serious is the threat? Just last week an official bill banning the sale of all DJI products called the Countering CCP Drone Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives as part of the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act. The legislation will next need to make its way through the U.S. Senate before being signed into law by President Biden. 

Fans of DJI might be relieved to hear that the House vote only made it through the lower legislative chamber by a margin of 217 to 199, which means that the measure is far from a settled matter and may ultimately be killed in the Democratic-controlled Senate. But, maybe not. 

And while the legislation won’t outlaw the DJI products you and I already own, the sale of any new gear, including non-drone items, would be strictly prohibited. 

This obviously isn’t good news for DJI who I'm sure would rather refocus the conversation on literally anything else. What better way to change the subject than by launching a shiny new product that has nothing to do with drones? 

Enter the new DJI Amflow PL electric mountain bike

The touchscreen on the crossbar of the new DJI Amflow PL electric mountain bike

(Image credit: DJI)

DJI’s electric mountain bike is built around the brand’s fancy new Avinox Drive System which weighs just 5.5 pounds but provides a whopping 105 Nm of torque, making it suitable for climbing even the steepest hills. That’s more than double the torque of some of the best ebikes we’ve tested. 

With different motor settings for trail riding versus hill climbing and a maximum power output of up to 1000 watts, the DJI Amflow PL is billed as a versatile two-wheeler for any terrain or riding style. There’s even a power assist mode for when you’re walking the bike. 

The bike itself weighs in at just 42 pounds thanks to a carbon fiber frame. It also boasts a high-capacity battery with a 72-mile range and 1.5-hour charge time (zero to 75%). Other features include a built-in two-inch OLED touchscreen and companion app, oversized controls, an advanced suspension system and lots of high-end mechanical components. 

Of course, all this impressive tech doesn’t come cheap. With an expected Q4 ship date, the DJI Amflow PL is anticipated to be priced anywhere from $7,500 to $12,500.

The motor inside the DJI Amflow PL electric mountain bike shown on a monochromatic background

(Image credit: DJI)

Should you preorder the DJI Amflow PL?

Aside from it being a costly first-generation product, you may want to hold off on preordering the DJI Amflow PL electric mountain bike until the U.S. ban is settled. 

Why? If the bike ships before the end of the year and the U.S. government then goes and bans DJI sales nationwide beginning in 2025, you may find it difficult to get product support or replacement parts down the road. 

Of course, the Amflow PL does look like a ton of fun to ride. And I’d be more than game to test one when the bike officially launches in the U.S., assuming it's more than just smoke and mirrors on the part of DJI's PR team. 

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