PlayStation Portal is getting a massive update — here are all the new feature

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Sony has confirmed the next system update for its popular PlayStation Portal remote device via the PlayStation Blog. This free software update brings several user-requested features to Sony’s nifty PS5 accessory and is set to begin rolling out tomorrow (Wednesday, June 19). 

The biggest new addition is “sign-in screen support for select public Wi-Fi networks”. Currently, the PlayStation Portal cannot connect to networks that require additional validation steps, such as filling in an online form or completing an authentication process. However, with this update, the Portal will display a QR code that can be scanned with a mobile device, and then the validation steps can be completed on the mobile device on behalf of the Portal.

Sony recommends using the PlayStation Portal on a home Wi-Fi network, as these typically provide the fastest and most stable connections. Meanwhile, public Wi-Fi signals are often unreliable. However, if you’re using your PlayStation Portal while traveling this new feature could come in handy.

An image displaying a network authentication screen on a mobile display linked to PlayStation Portal

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The other new features added via this system update are smaller quality-of-life fixes. The first is new visual feedback to the touchpad areas of the Portal 8-inch screen. Now when you press your finger to these areas of the screen you’ll see clear feedback. 

Finally, the update adds the ability to display a battery level percentage, rather than just an icon of the battery. This is a minor cosmetic change to the Portal’s UI, but it will give users a clear indication of exactly how much battery life the device has remaining. As somebody whose Portal died on them while exploring in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree because I’d misjudged how much battery I had left, I’m thankful for this upgrade. 

The PlayStation Portal has been a surprise success story of this gaming generation. While there was some skepticism ahead of launch, and our reviewer struggled to get to grips with the device (though, for balance, my experience has been excellent), it’s been a strong seller with Sony struggling to produce enough stock to meet the demand for several months post-release. Fortunately, finding a Portal at retail price is now pretty straightforward. 

This new update definitely doesn’t offer any radical changes, and the Portal’s limitations are still very much in place, but it further boosts the useability of the device, and while I probably wouldn’t advise using the PlayStation Portal on a public Wi-Fi network, at least now the option will be available. 

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