Black Myth: WuKong's visually stunning debut trailer proves we're in for some real monkey magic

Black Myth: Wukong key art
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If you've been holding off investing in a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X ecosystem, now might be the perfect time to reconsider. Ahead of the official release on August 20, Chinese developer Game Science has dropped a short snippet of its highly anticipated action RPG, Black Myth: Wukong.

To backtrack, the game was first announced in 2020, when the studio revealed a 13-minute gameplay trailer. The footage gave players a gorgeous glimpse into the stunning visuals, smooth movements and animations, as well as a variety of graphical effects bursting onto the screen after each successful combat hit. While the gameplay was narrated in Mandarin, it didn't stop the clip from becoming an overnight sensation as the video currently has over 10 million views.

At the time, the studio admitted that the game was "still far from completion" and was using the video as a tool to gauge player interest. In 2021, Game Science noted it was aiming for a 2023 release, however, the game was eventually delayed until 2024. 

Now, prior to its release, the studio has dropped a new WeGame Event trailer for its debut game, jam-packed with action, lore, and of course, monkey business. 

What to expect in Black Myth: WuKong

Black Myth: Wukong screenshot

(Image credit: Game Science)

The game is based on the popular 16th-century Ming Dynasty novel, Journey to the West. The story follows a Buddist monk that traveled from his home in Southern China to India to bring back a holy text while being protected by the Monkey King — who is part human, monkey, and trickster god. 

The player controls a monkey referred to in the game as "the Destined One", who can also transform into a flying insect or a giant monster. Based on the trailer, we also see various enemies, like a giant wolf-like creature and large insects, and the combined use of spells, weapons and abilities, throughout combat play. 

We also get a small look into what seems to be the expansive and immersive land where the game is set. While there is no further information on where exactly the game takes place, we can speculate that it will no doubt be flooded with mythological creatures, fantastical references and steeped in Journey to the West lore. 

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