Hurry! The greatest gaming headset I’ve ever tested just hit its lowest price ever

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My love for the Sony Inzone H5 is roughly on par with my affection for Bukayo Saka’s wand of a left foot that has tortured so many fullbacks during Arsenal’s recent 89-point campaign — curse you, Pep! And if you’re not into soccer, just know I hold this wireless gaming headset in the highest regard.

Right now, the Sony Inzone H5 Wireless Gaming Headset is on sale for $128 at Amazon in a limited-time deal. That’s $21 off the normal listing price of $149 this utterly superb pair of over-ear cans retail for.  

Sony Inzone H5 Wireless Headset: was $149 now $128 @ Amazon

Sony Inzone H5 Wireless Headset: was $149 now $128 @ Amazon
The Sony Inzone H5 is my favorite headset to use with both my PS5 and gaming PC. Lightweight and comfortable to use for long periods of time, the H5 can last for 28 hours on a full charge. It also boasts 40mm drivers to provide detailed sound and supports 3D audio for immersive gaming.

I’ve got so much affection for the Inzone H5 in my ticker, that I actually own two of them. If you’re both a PC gamer and an owner of a PS5, for my money, there’s no better headset on the market. That’s thanks to the handy slider on the H5’s wireless dongle, which rocks both a mode for PC and Sony’s smash-hit console. 

Though Sony is marketing this awesome audio device primarily at PS5 players, it actually sounds substantially better on the best gaming laptops thanks to the Inzone Hub app. This PC-exclusive software allows you to tweak decibel sliders, adjust dynamic range control, and set your own custom profiles, while also giving you the opportunity to sync your preferred settings on a per-app basis. Pro tip: go with Sony’s “Bass Boost” mode. My ears freakin’ love that extra resonance.  

The two best experiences I’ve had using the Sony Inzone H5? I was blown away by its handling of spatial audio during a playthrough of the now much-improved PC port of The Last of Us Part 1 and watching my 4K Blu-Ray copy of Jurassic World on my PS5. That final battle between the Indominus and the park’s veteran T.rex gives my ears an absolute thrill-ride.

Loud, well-balanced and better at handling 3D audio than any other gaming headset I’ve ever tested, I can’t recommend the Sony Inzone H5 enough; especially when Sony’s incredible piece of audio equipment is going for its lowest-ever price.  

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