How to watch 'The Twelve' online: stream Sam Neill legal drama from anywhere

Sam Neill as Brett Colby QC in a courtroom setting in "The Twelve"
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Award-winning Australian courtroom drama "The Twelve", starring Sam Neil as legal hotshot Brett Colby, is streaming now in the U.K.. Traveling abroad? Below, we'll show you how to watch "The Twelve" online  from anywhere with a VPN — and potentially for FREE.

Stream 'The Twelve' online, date, TV channel

U.K. date and time: The 10-part miniseries premieres Thurs, 28 March on ITV1 at 9pm GMT. All 10 episodes are  currently available to stream on ITVX.
• FREE — ITVX (U.K.)
• Australia Binge or Foxtel
• Watch anywhereTry NordVPN 100% risk free

Everybody loves a courtroom drama right? it's like a mystery on fast-forward, but with appropriate flashbacks and an extra helping of jeopardy that stalks every utterance. 

Based on 2019 Belgian mini-series "De twaalf", "The Twelve" brings the jury into to the centre of the stage. Of course, these are no ordinary jurors – get ready to be shocked as shameful secrets and personal prejudices are exposed.

And so, "The Twelve" is not just riveting television drama but also social comment and a warning about the dangers that threaten to undermine the justice system, wherever the rule of law is held to be worthy of protecting.

Below we have all the info you need to watch "The Twelve" online – and stream the unmissable miniseries from anywhere in the world.

How to watch 'The Twelve' online for FREE

You can stream all episodes of "The Twelve" on-demand via ITVX. It’s FREE to watch and contains thousands of great TV shows and movies. However, you will need a valid TV license to stream content live.

Outside the U.K. right now? Don't worry — you can watch from anywhere with one of the best VPN services such as NordVPN. Read on and we'll explain how to watch "The Twelve" online using a VPN.

How to watch 'The Twelve' from abroad

How to watch 'The Twelve' with a VPN

A VPN, or virtual private network, makes it look as if you're surfing the web from your home country, rather than the country you're in. That means you can access the streaming services you normally watch, even when you're traveling or don't live in the service's "home" country to begin with.

We've tested plenty of the best VPN services and our favorite right now is NordVPN. It's fast, works on loads of devices and even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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Using a VPN is incredibly simple.

1. Install the VPN of your choice. As we've said, NordVPN is our favorite.

2. Choose the location you wish to connect to in the VPN app. For instance if you're in the U.S. and want to view a U.K. service, you'd select U.K. from the list.

3. Sit back and enjoy the action. Head to ITVX or another service and watch the show.

Can I watch 'The Twelve' online in the U.S.?

Watch "The Twelve" – U.S. flag

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The original Belgian series (also called "The Twelve") is available on Netflix internationally but U.S. viewers still have a little while for the Australian version starring Sam Neill.

However, if you're a Brit currently abroad in the States you could still connect to ITVX and watch "The Twelve" today. Simply download a VPN such as NordVPN and you’ll be able to access your usual streaming services.

How to watch 'The Twelve' online in the U.K.

Watch "The Twelve" – British flag

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"The Twelve" (2024) premieres on Thursday 28 March on ITV1 at 9 p.m. GMT. All 10 episodes are already available to binge on ITVX, ITV’s FREE on-demand service. It’s worth noting, however, that a valid TV license is required to watch live programming.

Of course, Brits abroad can use a VPN to tune in to the streamer just as they would back home.

It's also worth noting that all 10 episodes of the Belgian original are available to watch for free on Channel 4.  

Can I watch 'The Twelve' online in Canada?

Watch "The Twelve" – Canada flag

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Same story as the U.S.. The original Belgian series (also called "The Twelve") is available on Netflix internationally but Canadian viewers still have a little while for the Australian version.

If you're a Brit traveling out of the country, you might want to take this opportunity to download a VPN service, such as NordVPN, so that you can log into the same services you’ enjoy back home.

How to watch 'The Twelve' online in Australia

Watch "The Twelve" – Australia flag

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

The first season on "The Twelve" (2024) has already aired in Australia but it is still available to binge on, well, Binge. It's also available to cable subscribers via Foxtel

As mentioned above, if you’re a Brit away from home, a VPN like NordVPN will let you connect to your usual streaming service from anywhere in the world.

'The Twelve' cast

  • Sam Neill as Brett Colby SC
  • Kate Mulvany as Kate Lawson
  • Marta Dusseldorp as Lucy Bloom QC
  • Brendan Cowell as Garry Thorne
  • Brooke Satchwell as Georgina Merrick
  • Hazem Shammas as Farrad Jessim
  • Pallavi Sharda as Corrie D'Souza
  • Ngali Shaw as Jarrad Saunders
  • Catherine Van-Davies as Vanessa Young
  • Bishanyia Vincent as Lily Powell
  • Damien Strouthos as Alexi Menelaus
  • Nic Cassim as Simon Cavanaugh
  • Daniel Mitchell as Peter Brodsky
  • Gennie Nevinson as Margaret Brown
  • Toby Blome as Greg
  • Warren Lee as Trevor Morros
  • Susan Kennedy as Melissa Curry
  • Jenni Baird as Diane Lawson
  • Matt Nable as Nathan Spears
  • Silvia Colloca as Sonia Spears
  • Coco Jack Gillies as Claire Spears
  • Ben Mingay as Flip Menelaus
  • Hamish Michael as Jamie Merrick
  • Louisa Mignone as Detective Sam Chedid
  • Charlotte Lucas as Belinda Bain
  • Avishek Sharma as Judge's associate

Is 'The Twelve' based on a true story?

While not based on a true crime story, the creators of the original Belgian series (writers Bert Van Dael and Sanne Nuyens) have been keen to stress that the mini-series was inspired by real-life attempts of the Belgian government to eradicate the jury system.

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