5 best shows like 'The Tourist' to watch after season 2

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Imagine waking up in a hospital room, in Australia, without any identity about who you are and why you are there. That's the premise behind the trending series on Netflix, "The Tourist."

Where to stream 'The Tourist'

"The Tourist" seasons 1-2 are streaming on Netflix.

Jamie Dorman stars as the main character, who has no memory of who he is and how he landed in the hospital. A variety of strange, helpful and quirky characters help him along the way. The fantastic blend of mystery, action, and a sprinkling of dark humor has made the show a top choice on Netflix.

Season 1 just became available in the U.S. on the streaming network earlier this year and season 2 just dropped on Feb. 29. When you're done binge-watching, here are some shows like "The Tourist" that offer up the same or similar vibes to fill the void.


Listed as one of the top-rated TV shows by IMDb, this show has endured for five seasons and has received numerous awards and nominations, including six Primetime Emmy wins. The anthology series changes the time period and location for each season, although there is some slight overlap of characters. Each installment focuses on a crime that somehow manages to connect to the city in North Dakota, which the show is named after. 

Fans of the movie will recognize it's a spinoff of the famous film. In addition, if you are familiar with Coen brothers movies, you are sure to spot references to their catalog of work through the show.  This is the perfect follow-up to "The Tourist," considering the mystery woven throughout every season and the dark humor throughout. However, there is plenty of violence in the show, so make sure you are prepared for that. 

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'The Missing'

This show is a no-brainer follow-up to "The Tourist" since it was also written and produced by brothers Harry and Jack Williams. However, "The Missing" has less of a humorous touch than its Australia-set counterpart. Season 1 of the show focuses on a little boy who goes missing and his father's motivation to find him. Season 2 shifts to the mystery of a teen who wanders off campus and gets kidnapped, only to come back with a story of another missing girl.

Much like you see with "Fargo," each season is an anthology where there is very little overlap, and you can easily watch them independently of each other. The main connection is the French investigator, Tchéky Karyo as Julien Baptiste, who investigates both cases. 

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'Three Pines'

If the mystery behind "The Tourist" is what drew you in, you'll love "Three Pines." Based on the novel by Louise Penny, the single-season show centers on Alfred Molina's Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, who is solving perplexing murders in the small Quebec village of Three Pines. The residents aren't exactly happy to see him, but despite that cold reception, he is drawn into the villagers' lives and spots numerous possible suspects, giving the show an intriguing Agatha Christie vibe. 

Sadly, despite its positive reviews, it was canceled after the first season because there was disagreement between the production companies. However, it still stands on its own as a miniseries. You'll be pleased to know there is an ongoing request for signatures to renew the show on Change.org if you find yourself enthralled by season one.

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'Mr. Inbetween'

For those enticed by "The Tourist's" Australian setting, you don't want to miss Mr. Inbetween. Scott Ryan's Ray Shoesmith is a charming but violent hitman in Sydney. The mockumentary "The Magician," released in 2005, was about the same character. The show tells Ray's story more seriously and the title points to the ongoing struggle that he faces while balancing his criminal activities with his obligations to friends and family. No surprise, his work takes a toll on his relationships.

There is plenty of crime, romance, and comedy to be found within this series created by our Aussie friends. The series lasted for three seasons, coming to an end simply because Ryan was done playing the character. Considering he played the role in an independent film and a major series, it's no surprise he was done.

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Another Australian show to add to your streamlining list is "Underbelly." As the title implies, it takes place in the underbelly of the Australian world, focusing on both sides of the law. What really will pull you into this show is each series is based on true-life events.

The first three seasons are based on the book "Leadbelly: Inside Australia's Underworld," while the fourth season is based on the book "Razor" by Larry Writer and the fifth season is on real-life convicted murderer Anthony "Rooster" Perish. The sixth season, set between 1915 and 1927, is about Melbourne gangster Squizzy Taylor. Then, the final season tells the story of gangster Mark Read, otherwise known as Chopper. For crime fans who love a show based on true stories, this one is certain to draw you in and not let you go.

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