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Let’s hear it for the MVPs of the film industry: the stunt team (AKA the fall guys). Ryan Gosling’s “The Fall Guy” is a fun, campy take on the action comedy genre as Gosling’s character Colt Seavers goes from a nearly career-ending stunt injury to finding himself in the middle of a real-life conspiracy where his hefty stunt training comes in handy. 

Along for the ride are Emily Blunt as Gosling’s love interest Jody Moreno, Winston Duke as fellow stunt guy Dressler and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tom Ryder, the egotistical actor Colt doubles for. The movie showcases the perfect combo of Gosling’s talent for drama and action with the satirical twists he does best. And if you thought stunt guys were cool, wait until you see the stunt dog. Here are five movies like "The Fall Guy" to watch next — at least until "The Fall Guy" arrives on streaming.


Sure, “Barbie” and “The Fall Guy” are vastly different in plot, but they have the same energy. Both movies can’t help breaking the fourth wall all while poking fun at their own genre and content. Gosling got the chance to flex his camp skills in both movies when he chose certain characteristics to hone in on and exaggerate in each film. 

While “The Fall Guy” spends its run time criticizing the lack of respect stunt workers get, “Barbie” turns the tables on sexism. Margot Robbie’s Barbie takes center stage as Ken quickly devolves into incel territory when the two have a power struggle over Barbieland. 

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'The King’s Man'

The sweet spot of “The King’s Man” is the same as “The Fall Guy”: toggling the line between a full-on comedic satire and action/adventure. “The King’s Man” is, of course, a prequel to “The Kingsmen.” Given that it takes place during the formation of the secret (fictional) Kingsmen agency in the early 1900s, we get an entirely new cast from the OG.

In this origin story, we discover that the agency was born to take on a cabal hell-bent on igniting a deadly war. The subject may sound serious, but the tone certainly isn’t. Rasputin (Rhys Ifans) basically ballroom dances with a sword during one fight sequence. Enough said. 

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“The Fall Guy” satirizes Hollywood while the movie “Kick-Ass” pokes fun at the superhero genre. Some kids are happy reading comic books and others need to live them. Aaron Johnson’s Dave Lizewski may not have any powers but he certainly has … spirit? 

As any superhero-obsessed kid is prone to do, he gives himself the fairly cringe superhero name: “Kick-Ass.” Then Dave recruits a grown man named Big Daddy (ew), played by Nicolas Cage, and his young daughter Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) to join his group of ragtag heroes. Of course, the fight sequences are a little campier than “The Fall Guy,” but the energy is there.

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When it comes to breaking the fourth wall in the most chaotic way imaginable, “Deadpool” reigns supreme. With vulgar language (and innuendos) that would make Barbie blush (or punch him), Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson is a delightfully unhinged superhero very aware that he’s starring in a comic book movie. And like Colt, he also has a weird thing for unicorns — who knew? When Wade develops post-cancer powers, he takes on his enemies in a wild, showboat fashion (he and Colt should really be friends). 

The 2016 movie yielded a sequel, "Deadpool 2," and a third installment, the upcoming "Deadpool and Wolverine."

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'La La Land'

Unfortunately, Colt misses karaoke night in “The Fall Guy” even though his work on “La La Land” and “Barbie” prove that he has some seriously fun vocal chops. The musical “La La Land” is a bit more tonally serious than “The Fall Guy,” but it still shines a light on the ins and outs of Hollywood. 

Gosling’s character Sebastian Wilder is drawn to Emma Stone’s aspiring actress hopeful, Mia. But instead of a stunt guy, he plays a piano prodigy with dreams of opening a jazz club. They just have to decide which is bigger: their passion for their respective dreams or each other.

Damien Chazelle wrote and directed the 2016 movie that stars John Legend (Keith), J.K. Simmons (Bill), and Jessica Rothe (Alexis).

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