When is 'The Fall Guy' coming to streaming?

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“The Fall Guy” is director David Leitch’s love letter to stunt performers, embodied by Ryan Gosling’s title character. Leitch, a former stunt performer and coordinator himself, creates a tribute to the profession in his adaptation of the 1980s TV series that starred Lee Majors as a stunt performer who works as a bounty hunter in his off hours.

In the film, Gosling’s Colt Seavers is the former stunt double for a superstar actor who’s gone missing from a major film production directed by Colt’s ex-girlfriend, Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt). Colt reluctantly agrees to track down the absent star, bringing up old feelings for the former couple. Leitch mixes romance and comedy with the kind of large-scale practical stunts that celebrate the ingenuity of movie-making.

That’s an experience tailor-made for the big screen, but plenty of viewers will prefer to catch “The Fall Guy” at home. Here’s what we know so far about when “The Fall Guy” will be available for streaming.

When will 'The Fall Guy' be available to stream?

With “The Fall Guy” just beginning its theatrical run, it’s tough to say how long it will stick around in theaters, which depends on how well it does at the box office. Its opening weekend saw lackluster returns; however, the movie seems to be picking up steam and could make a comeback.

Although fellow recent Universal Pictures action movie “Monkey Man” made its VOD debut a little over two weeks after its theatrical opening, “The Fall Guy” is likely to stay in theaters a bit longer, to maximize its chances of being seen on a big screen, including in IMAX. Still, Universal films usually head to VOD within 30-45 days, so you can expect “The Fall Guy” to be available to rent at home by mid-June.

As a Universal release, “The Fall Guy” will also eventually stream on corporate sibling Peacock, although the window for that availability has varied. Universal’s last hit genre release, the horror movie “Night Swim,” took about four months to make it to Peacock. 

With “The Fall Guy” expected to be an even bigger box-office hit, it will probably also be several months before it streams on Peacock, which means later summer or early fall. That leaves plenty of time for those amazing stunts to get their due on the big screen.

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