5 upcoming horror movies you have to see on the big screen in 2024

Lupita Nyong'o as Sammy in A Quiet Place: Day One
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Are you big into horror? If so, then 2024 has plenty of frightening treats for you. From savage alien creatures that prey on human colonists in space to unsettling home invasions, you have some highly anticipated movies coming this year. 

Going to the movie theater offers a completely different experience from being at home. The surround sound, engaging visuals and large screen immerse you into every world, making you feel like you’re part of the story. This is something I aim to appreciate more when seeing a true horror for the first time, and you should too. 

Speaking of horror movies in the theater, we have the perfect list. This includes the exciting “Alien: Romulus,” set to debut in August, and the vampire ballerina “Abigail” is out today (April 19). Plus, we’ll also go into more detail about “The Watchers”, which is based on one of my favorite horror novels by A.M. Shine. 

These are just a few horror movies you can watch in 2024. Check out our full list below, and if you also love streaming at home, it’s worth browsing through the top new movies to stream this week (April 16-22).   

'Abigail' (April 19) 

You’ll be glad to know that our first movie on the list hits theaters today, and I’ll definitely be going to see it. “Abigail” looks like an interesting and fun horror movie that will keep you hooked throughout. The story focuses on a group of criminals who kidnap the 12-year-old daughter of a powerful underground figure for ransom. They keep her in a mansion in hopes of getting a large sum of cash, but that doesn’t exactly go to plan. What turns out to be a simple kidnapping mission turns into gorefest when the daughter is revealed to be a murderous vampire ballerina.  

Watch at your local movie theater on April 19

'The Strangers: Chapter 1' (May 17)

If you enjoyed the original movie released back in 2008, then you’re probably going to like this modern version even more. “The Strangers: Chapter 1” is the third installment in the franchise, following 2008's "The Strangers" and 2018's “The Strangers: Prey at Night." The narrative centers around Maya (Madelaine Petsch) and Ryan (Froy Gutierrez), a young couple who are stranded in a remote cabin due to their car breaking down. After what seems like a peaceful evening, the two are confronted by the familiar masked killers and must survive their relentless terror. Director Renny Harlin has created a new trilogy for this franchise, with chapters 2 and 3 releasing later in 2024 (dates not yet confirmed). Each part explores the masked killers' backstory and how they came to be so menacing and evil.  

Watch at your local movie theater on May 17

'The Watchers' (June 14)

Being such a horror fan, I also love reading terrifying novels that keep me awake at night. One novel that stuck with me has been made into a movie, and that is “The Watchers." This compelling horror narrative offers both mystery and terror, leaving you with more questions at the end. The movie, taking most of the main elements from the book, focuses on a young artist named Mina (Dakota Fanning) who is stranded in an extensive forest. After finding shelter in a nearby bunker, she meets three strangers who warn her about the supernatural horror lurking outside in the dark. These creatures watch the people through a glass wall, but the reason for that is unknown. 

Watch at your local movie theater on June 14

'A Quiet Place: Day One' (June 28)

I have a top 10 list of my favorite horror movies, and one franchise that sits very proudly on that list is “A Quiet Place." These post-apocalyptic horror movies brought something new to the table, and ever since then, I’ve been waiting for more. Finally, we have been given “ A Quiet Place: Day One”, a prequel that takes place before the first two movies and focuses on the chaos that ensued when the mysterious creatures landed on Earth. This spin-off sequel follows Lupita Nyong’o as Sammy as she navigates the start of an apocalypse alongside Eric (Joseph Quinn). The movie itself actually has a very brief but chilling synopsis that reads: "Experience the day the world went quiet."

Watch at your local movie theater on June 28

'Alien: Romulus' (August 16)

The horror movie I’m most excited to watch in 2024 has to be “Alien: Romulus." Seeing this on the big screen will offer you a completely unique experience that reels you in and never lets go until you leave the theater. Set in a time that the franchise hasn’t explored yet, this movie focuses on a young group of colonists who encounter the xenomorphs when boarding a derelict space station. Since it’s part of such a classic franchise, I have high hopes for "Romulus," especially because the events take place between “Alien” and “Aliens”.  

Watch at your local movie theater on August 16

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