Xfinity adds the FuboTV app for customers with Xumo Stream Box or Xumo TV

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Despite massive streamers teaming up to offer their own sports bundles, Fubo TV continues, and now the sports-first app is being added to Xfinity services, specifically for customers who have the Xumo Stream Box, Xumo TV or an older Xfinity Flex streaming box.

"Live sports is best enjoyed on the big screen - in fact, 95% of Fubo viewers are watching their favorite content on connected and smart televisions," said Fubo's SVP of Product Management, Isaac Josephson, in a statement. 

Users with Xfinity can launch the newly added app by saying "Fubo" into their remote's microphone or looking in the app menu on each device. 

The app is not free, but it offers a trial period to test it out and see if it's for you. There are four tiers of subscriptions, starting at $79.99 and going up to $99.99 for the elite level.

While the service is sports-focused with streaming channels dedicated to live sports, it also offers other channels like Disney, MTV and Nickelodeon, to name a few. The elite also bundles with Paramount Plus and Showtime. 

Xfinity owner Comcast wants to lure customers to the service by connecting them to streaming apps like Fubo. The company recently launched a new "StreamSaver" bundle that packages Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV Plus for $15 a month. 

It saves customers money but only offers the lowest possible tiers, such as Netflix's and Peacock's ad-supported levels.

Meanwhile, Fubo is amid an ongoing lawsuit against Disney, Fox and Warner Bros over their "mega" sports streaming app Venu, which is supposed to launch later this fall.

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