Comcast announces cost of StreamSaver bundle combining Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV Plus — it’s a big discount

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Streaming services continue in their apparent march to just re-create cable with the latest announcement of a streaming bundle that packages together multiple services. Today, Comcast revealed more details about StreamSaver, a streaming bundle that it first announced last week. Available May 29 to customers of Xfinity cable or internet service, StreamSaver includes access to Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV Plus for just $15 a month. 

Depending on whether you already subscribe to these services and which version you prefer, StreamSaver could offer a big discount on the price of subscribing to each one separately. The bundle includes Netflix’s ad-supported tier ($6.99 per month), Peacock Premium (also ad-supported, soon to cost $7.99 per month) and Apple TV Plus ($9.99 per month). That’s $24.97 per month to subscribe separately, making StreamSaver’s $15 a month a significant savings of 35%.

If, however, you want to get rid of ads, you will have to pay more. As of now, you can get the ad-free version of Netflix by paying an additional $16 on top of the bundle. That option isn't available for ad-free Peacock as of now.

Plus, while Netflix is hugely popular, Peacock and Apple TV Plus have far fewer subscribers. StreamSaver doesn’t offer the same kind of appeal as a theoretical bundle of the biggest streaming services, although it makes sense that Comcast (which owns both Xfinity and Peacock) would be trying to piggyback Peacock onto a more successful service.

Streaming is looking more like cable these days

Comcast is also offering StreamSaver as a combination with its Now TV service, which provides streaming access to a variety of live cable and FAST channels, for a total of $30 a month, making the return to the old cable model nearly complete. For Xfinity subscribers who have held onto traditional cable, StreamSaver could be a bonus, cost-effective add-on, but for cord-cutters, it looks like a step backward.

That’s a step that streaming companies seem increasingly eager for customers to take, though. StreamSaver is just the latest in the current trend of streaming bundles, which includes Disney’s long-standing package of Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus, along with the recently announced combination of Hulu and Disney Plus with Max

For sports fans, Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery and Fox have also announced the forthcoming bundle Venu Sports, which will combine channels from all three companies that broadcast major sporting events across a range of leagues and organizations.

It’s no surprise that Venu is currently subject to a lawsuit from live-TV streaming service Fubo, and it’s possible that more legal action will come as these anti-competitive bundles proliferate. StreamSaver may be just another step on the road to higher costs and less choice for streaming.

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