Prime Video confirms its next video game adaptation after "Fallout" — and the stakes are high

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Prime Video is quickly becoming the home of video game adaptations. They've just had the huge hit that is "Fallout", and we know the streamer's already working on a "God of War" TV show, too, and they're showing no signs of stopping. 

The streamer just confirmed that a new live-action series based on SEGA's Yakuza video game franchise is coming to our screens worldwide on October 24. 

Helmed by acclaimed directors Masaharu Take and Kengo Takimoto, "Like A Dragon: Yakuza" will bring the franchise to life for a six-part "crime-suspense-action" series, one which revolves around the original series protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu (played by Ryoma Takeuchi).

Being a franchise with beloved characters and tons of loyal fans, there's bound to be some fear that the Yakuza games might not convert to streaming as successfully as Fallout. But going off what Masayoshi Yokoyama (Head of RYUGAGOTOKU Studio and Executive Producer) has said in the announcement press release, the series is poised to be what in his words will be "another landmark release for the Like a Dragon series". 

Here's what else we know about "Like A Dragon: Yakuza" right now...

What is 'Like a Dragon: Yakuza' about? 

Amazon's synopsis for the series reads: "In 1995 and 2005, spanning across two time periods, 'Like a Dragon: Yakuza', an original crime-suspense-action series, follows the life, childhood friends, and repercussions of the decisions of Kazuma Kiryu, a fearsome and peerless Yakuza warrior with a strong sense of justice, duty, and humanity."

If you're yet to dive into Yakuza's criminal world, most installments recount a sprawling story within the fictionalized district of Kamurocho, with the first game arriving in 2005. Typically, you'll be roaming the game's open world where you can get involved with all kinds of tasks ranging from exploring and getting into brawls with fellow gangsters to managing businesses and, of course, singing karaoke. Kazuma Kiryu was the primary protagonist, with the enthusiastic Ichiban Kasuga taking center stage in 2020's Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Each game has its own tale, but Prime Video claims the show "showcases modern Japan and the dramatic stories of these intense characters, such as the legendary Kazuma Kiryu, that games in the past have not been able to explore." 

A big part of Amazon's announcement was clearly designed to put any fears to rest that this will be anything but an authentic take that won't upset longtime fans. Whilst Yokoyama said he's "never once thought about revisiting" any of his work on the series to date, he claims this show is "the experience I'd want to create" if he had to. His full statement on the show is below:

"Since the day I first put pen to paper on the original Yakuza's script, I've never once thought about revisiting any of my work on the series. It's because I understand all too well the challenges and hardships that come with remaking a finished title. However, if I were ever sent to the past through some kind of cosmic joke, this is the experience I'd want to create. If I had to go through the wringer anyhow, I'd want to make the most engaging versions of Kamurochō and Kazuma Kiryu I could —and this show has it all. 

"There is no question that Prime Video’s 'Like a Dragon: Yakuza' will become another landmark release for the Like a Dragon series", Yokoyama says. "While the games let you experience their world through the subjective lens, this adaptation will be the ultimately objective way to enjoy the show. 

"I have no doubt that fans of the series will be drawn to how it brings the games to life and adds new surprises. Newcomers, I'm sure will find themselves invested simply in the gritty realism of the show. If anything, I'd love to watch this version alongside audiences all around the world—experiencing all of its intensity and soaking in every single second."

'Like a Dragon: Yakuza' release date

"Like a Dragon: Yakuza" will be released in two batches of three episodes, releasing on Thursday, October 24 and Friday, November 1. Subtitled and dubbed versions in 30 languages will be available to viewers.

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