Netflix is getting another must-watch original movie this week — and it’s 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

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Netflix is on a roll right now when it comes to original movies. After delighting subscribers with the one-two punch of “Hit Man” and “Under Paris” last week, the streaming service is set to debut another original movie this week. And it’s already receiving rave reviews. 

“Ultraman: Rising” is an animated romp based on the wildly popular Japanese character, and looks primed to bring the beloved superhero to an even wider audience. It’s technically the 44th(!) movie starring Ultraman but “Rising” is being pitched as the perfect starting point for newcomers when it arrives on Netflix this Friday (June 14). 

The early reviews for this one are extremely positive, and there’s little doubt that “Ultraman: Rising” is going to make a kaiju-sized splash when once it starts streaming on Netflix, so ahead of its impending release here’s everything you need to know about this new streaming original.

What is “Ultraman: Rising” about? 

Ken Sato (voiced by Christopher Sean) is a superstar baseball player and the son of Professor Sato (Gedde Watanabe), the current holder of the Ultraman mantle. However, when Tokyo comes under attack the A-list athlete is forced to return home to Japan to take over his father’s heroic duties and become the city’s protector.  

Naturally, things quickly go awry, and Ken finds himself acting as a reluctant parent to a 35-foot-tall fire-breathing baby kaiju after defeating its mother. Now the adoptive father to an adorable, but very dangerous, monster, Ken must come to terms with his new responsibilities as a world-saving hero while also ensuring the young kaiju doesn’t get into too much trouble. 

If picking up the fundamentals of parenthood wasn’t enough of a challenge, Ken also has to contend with the scheming of the Kajiu Defense Force which wants to exploit young kaiju for sinister purposes. “Ultraman: Rising” is a classic superhero origins story with a fun twist.   

“Ultraman: Rising” reviews are off to a flying start

“Ultraman: Rising” has received a small smattering of reviews ahead of its Netflix premiere on Friday, and the early write-ups are very positive. 

The Netflix movie currently holds a perfect 100% score on review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, which is higher than “Hit Man” (97%) and “Under Paris” (56%), which currently holds the top two spots on the streamer's most-watched list. 

David Ehrlich of IndieWire called the animated flick “A fun, sincere, and thoughtfully conceived piece of kids entertainment. And it’s liable to make young viewers more curious about the world around them.” Meanwhile, Tim Grierson of Screen International labeled the story “fairly pedestrian” but noted the “vibrant visuals” make up for its shortcomings. 

It’s important to note that while the movie currently holds a 100% score, this comes from a sample size of just eight reviews. As more critics get the chance to watch the flick and give their thoughts, it's possible that the score will drop. But such a solid start does indicate that “Ultraman: Rising” is at the very least an enjoyable watch.

“Ultraman: Rising” could be a must-watch on Netflix 

We’ll have to wait until later in the week before we can offer our definitive verdict on “Ultraman: Rising”, but based on the early reviews, it’s certainly looking like a strong candidate for our roundup of the best Netflix movies. 

It’s always great to see Netflix add more options that the whole family can enjoy, and that goes doubly when these appropriate-for-all-ages offerings end up being of high quality. In that regard, “Ultraman: Rising” looks pretty certain to succeed, the thrilling trailer alone promises a high-octane movie with an important message about family. 

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some Netflix movies that you can enjoy right now, here’s a list of all the highest-rated new additions to the streaming service in June 2024. 

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