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Hulu remains a strong choice in the crowded world of some of the best streaming services, thanks to its wide range of high-quality movies and TV shows. If you’re looking for something other than your typical action movie or romance drama, this is the place to be. 

With such a vast and engaging library, it can be overwhelming to decide what to watch next, especially when you’re scrolling for ages (I know that feeling). To make things a bit easier, we've carefully evaluated the top 15 list currently available on Hulu. So, here are five worthy movies and shows that you definitely shouldn't miss.

This is based on the Hulu top 15 movies and shows as of Wednesday, June 26.

‘Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini’

Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini | Official Trailer | Hulu - YouTube Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini | Official Trailer | Hulu - YouTube
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"Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini" is a documentary that delves into the case of Sherri Papini, a woman from Redding, California, who mysteriously vanished in November 2016. 

Sherri Papini was reported missing by her husband, Keith, after she failed to return home from a jog. Three weeks later, she was found on the side of a road, emaciated and with various injuries. She claimed to have been abducted and held captive by two women. Her account of the ordeal was initially believed, leading to widespread public sympathy and an intense investigation to find her alleged kidnappers. However, as investigators dug deeper into her story, inconsistencies began to emerge. 

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BRATS | Official Trailer (2024) - YouTube BRATS | Official Trailer (2024) - YouTube
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"Brats" is a new documentary that revolves around the iconic "Brat Pack," a group of young actors in the 1980s who frequently appeared together in coming-of-age flicks. This documentary aims to show the label's impact on their lives and careers, including how being in the spotlight can be challenging for young people in Hollywood. 

Andrew McCarthy, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Timothy Hutton, Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Lea Thompson and Jon Cryer appear in the movie, as well as David Blum, the journalist who essentially created the term "Brat Pack." This movie promises to be a heartfelt and humorous coming-of-age story that resonates with both young audiences and adults, especially those who are looking to get into the entertainment industry.

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‘Independence Day’

It wouldn’t be a strong list if we didn’t have at least one sci-fi movie on here. "Independence Day" focuses on a global alien invasion and humanity's efforts to stop it. The story unfolds over several days, leading up to the titular Independence Day, the Fourth of July (so it’s the perfect choice going into July). 

The movie begins with the arrival of a massive alien mothership that deploys saucer-shaped spacecraft over major cities around the world. As the aliens position themselves, it becomes clear that their intentions are hostile. Their attack results in widespread devastation, destroying cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C., with advanced energy weapons. David (Jeff Goldblum) and Captain Hiller (Will Smith) create a daring plan to infiltrate the mothership using a captured alien spacecraft. 

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‘Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story’

Captive Audience | April 21 | Hulu - YouTube Captive Audience | April 21 | Hulu - YouTube
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Here we have another documentary series that delves into the harrowing and complex story of the Stayner family. The show explores the chilling saga of Steven Stayner and his older brother, Cary Stayner, uncovering the impact their lives and crimes had on their family and the broader community. 

Through interviews, archival footage, and expert commentary, the series provides a comprehensive and empathetic look at a real-life horror story. It also offers insights into the enduring effects of trauma and the complex dynamics within the Stayner family.

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PREY Official Trailer (2024) Emile Hirsch - YouTube PREY Official Trailer (2024) Emile Hirsch - YouTube
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"Prey" is a tense thriller that follows the harrowing journey of a young couple, Andrew (Ryan Phillippe) and Sue (Mena Suvari), who are Christian missionaries stationed in the remote Kalahari Desert. Their peaceful mission is shattered when an extremist militant gang threatens them with death, forcing them to flee for their lives. In a desperate attempt to escape the danger, they board a small aircraft, only to crash in the middle of the desert. Stranded, the couple must navigate the harsh terrain and fend off both natural and human threats. 

As they struggle to survive against the elements and the wildlife of the Kalahari, the couple also faces relentless pursuit from the militants. This movie aims to be a gripping thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

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1. "Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini" (2024)
2. "Prey" (2024)
3. "The Kardashians" (2022)
4. "Devil's Peak" (2023)
5. "Bad Boys for Life" (2020)
6. "Brats" (2024)
7. "Love Island U.K." (2015)
8. "Independence Day" (1996)
9. "Bad Boys II" (2003)
10. "WWE Friday Night SmackDown" (1999)
11. "White Chicks" (2004)
12. "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw" (2019)
13. "Bad Boys" (1995)
14. "Jumanji: The Next Level" (2019)
15. "Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story" (2022)

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