Tannenberg is free at Epic Games Store this week — here's how to get it

Poster for Tannenberg on PC, showing a WW1-era soldier charging with a bayonet in hand
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Epic Games Store: Free Games

Welcome! This is a weekly series where we tell you which game the Epic Games Store is offering for free. We'll keep you updated on the free games you can get every week, and whether we think they're worth your time.

Say what you will about how the Epic Games Store compares to Steam, but it's hard to beat getting a new free game to play every week. Last week, Epic Games gave us Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. But if you're done playing the beautifully animated retro platformer, now it's time for something different.

The Epic Games Store is offering Tannenberg for free this week. If you add it to your collection, you'll own it permanently, and can play it whenever you want.

To get Tannenberg from the Epic Games Store, all you have to do is visit the Epic Games Store Free Games page. You’ll need an Epic Games account to claim the title, and the Epic Games software client to play it with, but both of these are free as well.

Epic Games has another free offer running this week, too. Log into the free-to-play game Shop Titans through the Epic Games store, and you'll get an Exclusive Giveaway Package. This pack contains over $100 worth of in-game loot, including crafting materials, blueprints, and decorations for your shop.

These deals are active now, and will run until July 28 at 11:00 a.m. ET. After that, the company will have a different free game available.

Tannenberg — is it worth your time?

A screenshot of Tannenberg on PC, showing a soldier brandishing a pistol

(Image credit: M2H & Blackmill Games)

Similar to last week, we're getting loot pack for a free-to-play game alongside a more fleshed-out title from Epic Games this Thursday.

If you're into Shop Titans already, then getting the Exclusive Giveaway Package is a no-brainer. But if you haven't played it before, just go in with the understanding that it's a free-to-play title. Shop Titans is a fun way to while away some time running your own shop, if you don't mind waiting for the cool-down timers (or shelling out some cash to speed up the process.)

However, the real free game deal this week is Tannenberg. This is a multiplayer FPS title, with a setting inspired by the Battle of Tannenberg that happened in 1914. Realism and accuracy is a major focus of this game; you'll find historically accurate weapons, equipment, uniforms, and even maps based on real locations in East Prussia.

The game is a stand-alone expansion to Verdun, a multiplayer FPS title from 2015. According to critic reviews on Metacritic, the Tannenberg builds on what made Verdun great, with more varied maps and new match modes.

However, some criticized the game for the erratic behaviour of its AI-controlled characters. Matches consist of up to 64 players, and even when the game first launched, there weren't always enough human players online to fill up the slots. Either invite a group of friends along, or keep your fingers crossed that this Epic Games Store deal will bring in enough new players to Tannenberg keep the servers bustling.

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