Act fast! Sony’s OLED TV is $1,000 off now in epic Cyber Monday TV deal

sony oled tv cyber monday
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OLED TVs are two things: amazing and expensive. But thanks to some of the best Cyber Monday deals this year, they’re an awful lot cheaper than usual.

Take the Sony A9G Master Series OLED. This gorgeous set usually retails for $2,299, but you can currently nab the Sony A9G OLED at Best Buy for $1,299: a full $1,000 discount. Even by Cyber Monday standards, that’s a substantial sale. Furthermore, the A9G is an excellent television, as we pointed out in our full review.

Sony A9G OLED TV: was $2,299 now $1,299 @ Best Buy

Sony A9G OLED TV: was $2,299 now $1,299 @ Best Buy
The Sony A9G Master Series OLED is a gorgeous TV, featuring deep blacks, vibrant colors and a robust Android TV operating system. With a 120 Hz refresh rate and full 4K resolution, it's ready for next-gen gaming, UHD movies or anything in-between. The screen doubles as a high-end speaker, meaning that it's also an excellent music player.

While the Sony A9G OLED is a few years old, it actually surpasses newer systems in some ways. This device runs on Android TV, which is one of the more comprehensive smart TV OSes out there.

This set also features a 120 Hz refresh rate and HDR 10 compatibility, which make it an excellent fit for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Even the audio quality is better than you might expect from a flatscreen TV, thanks to Sony’s unique Acoustic Surface Audio+ system, in which the screen itself broadcasts sound waves.

When Tom’s Guide evaluated the Sony A9G OLED, our TV reviewer, Brian Westover, described it in glowing terms:

“With an excellent OLED picture, an inspiring sound-from-display audio system and a refined design that extends from the TV cabinet to the remote control, this is one of the best consumer products on the market,” he wrote.

In fact, the only major flaw that Brian cited was the TV’s extremely high price. With a $1,000 price break, it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s significantly cheaper than it was two years ago. It’s the lowest price you’re likely to see on a TV this fancy for some time.

At 55 inches, this particular model should fit in most living rooms. Beyond that, it’s compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, if you want to integrate it into a smart home setup. Thanks to the TV’s Android TV OS, it also works as a Chromecast, letting you broadcast content from your phone directly to the screen.

It’s hard to say whether we’ll see better sales as we go into Cyber Monday proper, since this is already an incredibly steep discount. If you do decide to pick it up, rest assured that you’ll get an excellent TV at a significant markdown. Otherwise, check out our best Cyber Monday TV deals to see if there’s something else that piques your interest.

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