Save $120 on the Dyson V7 cordless vacuum with this limited-time deal

Dyson V7 Advanced Origin Cordless Vacuum on a hard floor
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When it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners, Dyson models are known to be some of the best vacuums. They provide a powerful pick up, a flawless design as well as some of the latest tech in the industry. Of course, this usually makes them a premium investment, costing up to $950 for the latest models. But, that pattern seems to have broken with this latest deal. 

You can now get the Dyson V7 Advanced Origin Cordless vacuum for just $279 at Best Buy. You must log into your myBest Buy account to see the sale price. (It's free to join). That's $120 off the usual MSRP of $399. While it's admittedly an older model in the range, the V7 still has plenty going for it, which is why this deal deserves your attention. It's only valid until 3am tomorrow as well, so you need to act quickly to take advantage.

Dyson V7 Advanced Origin Cordless Vacuum:was $399 now $279 @ Best Buy

Dyson V7 Advanced Origin Cordless Vacuum: was $399 now $279 @ Best Buy
If you act fast, you can take advantage of this 30% saving on the Dyson V7. It packs plenty for this price, including up to 40 mins runtime, a Combination Tool which converts it to a handheld design and a 2-year warranty. Plus, at less than six pounds, it’s lightweight and maneuverable. Note: You must log into your myBest Buy account to see this price. It's free to join.

While the Dyson V7 was launched back in 2017, it’s by no means an outdated cordless vacuum cleaner. In fact, it may be preferable to some of the latest models because of its simplicity of design and convenience in use. 

Accessories cover the basics, including the main Motorbar Cleaner Head, which works on both hard floors and carpet, and a Combination Tool, which can be used with the vacuum in handheld mode on car interiors and upholstery. So you won’t end up storing excess tools with this purchase as you can with some other models. Although, I will flag that one missing tool, which can be heavily relied on for some is the Crevice Tool. You will need to purchase this separately for $19 from Dyson if you want it. But, if you just need a cordless vacuum cleaner to cover the basics, the V7 gives you all you need.

It’s also a very lightweight design, weighing in at just under six pounds. This is something which some of the newer models lack. The inclusion of the latest technology, such as LCD displays, only adds to the weight and somewhat defeats the purpose of the vacuum being lightweight and easy to maneuver. The V7 strips the design back to basics, so you’re getting a strong vacuum for a good price. 

Dyson V7 Advanced Origin Cordless Vacuum being used as a handheld vacuum on the stairs next to a cat

(Image credit: Dyson)

Of course, the V7 doesn’t offer as strong a pick-up performance as the latest models from Dyson. But, it is still more than sufficient compared to most cordless options on the market. It uses 15 cyclones across two tiers for maximum airflow and to prevent loss of suction. On top of this, the filter is washable, so there’s no waste, the floorhead is designed to prevent hair from tangling, which adds to the convenience, and the bin can hold up to 0.14 gallons.

All in all, if you’ve always wanted a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, but the price has deterred you, now’s your chance. The Dyson V7 Advanced Origin Cordless Vacuum is a great option if you need to model to provide the core fundamentals of vacuuming.        

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