Gran Turismo 7 and ThrustMaster PS5 racing wheel bundle slashed $80 at Dell

ThrusMaster T248 racing wheel with a Tom's Guide deal tag
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Gran Turismo 7 is the latest instalment in Sony’s popular driving simulation series. While it can be played with a standard DualSense controller, if you want the proper GT experience you need to be playing with a PS5 racing wheel. In the wake of GT7’s release these are in high demand, but we’ve just spotted a fantastic deal at Dell. 

Right now you can get a ThrustMaster T248 racing wheel and pedal set with a copy of Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 for $389 at Dell. That’s $80 off the combined retail price of the two items in the bundle which is $469. With this deal you’re essentially getting a copy of Gran Turismo 7 for free, plus an extra $10 off an excellent PS5 racing wheel.

ThrustMaster T248 racing wheel and Gran Turismo 7 (PS5): was $469 now $389 @ Dell

ThrustMaster T248 racing wheel and Gran Turismo 7 (PS5): was $469 now $389 @ Dell
This package bundles together the ThrustMaster T248 racing wheel with pedal set and a copy of Gran Turismo 7 on PS5. Dell has slashed the gaming package down from $469, to just $389 in this limited time deal. 

ThrustMaster are the biggest manufacturers of racing wheels, and the T248 is one of its latest models. Released in November 2021, the accessory is compatible with the PS5, PS4 and PC and marries together a modern design interface with a premium finish. Plus, it’s foam-filled rim will ensure comfort during lengthy gaming sessions. 

The ThrustMaster T248 Racing Wheel offers four customisable encoders, and 25 unique buttons across the wheel to give you all the control you need and make scrolling through menus a breeze. It also offers hybrid force feedback and comes with a pedal set for the ultimate racing immersion.  

As for Gran Turismo 7 itself, it’s definitely a game worthy of investing in a racing wheel to play. In our review we said, “Gran Turismo 7 is the pinnacle of simulation racing, with a wide array of vehicles, customization options and experiences that both newbies and series veterans will enjoy.” 

Dell notes on its website that the availability of this reduced bundle is limited, so make sure to have a look quickly before it’s sold out. Also, if you’re still looking for an actual PS5 console, make sure to check our PS5 restock hub for the latest stock updates as we get them. 

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