Amazon's Mid-Year Sale: The online retailer's answer to EOFY is now on

Amazon Mid-Year Sale
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Surprise! Amazon's Mid-Year Sale has officially kicked-off! The online retail giant's answer to EOFY sales started at 12am AEST today (June 1) and is set to continue until 11:59pm AEST on Tuesday, June 6. 

That means you can expect massive discounts on a wide range of products, from ereaders and headphones, to vacuums and appliances, for an entire week! 

Typically, Amazon's Mid-Year Sale is seen as a precursor to Amazon Prime Day, which is also rapidly approaching, but while both offer big price reductions, the two sales are quite different — for one, you don't have to be a Prime subscriber to take advantage of this particular sales event, meaning everyone can save a bundle!

So if you've had your eye on a particular product, now might be the best time finally buy it. As usual, there are stacks of items currently discounted, so we've taken the liberty of sorting through the deals to point you towards the best ones. Read on to see the best Amazon Mid-Year Sale deals we've spotted so far.

Amazon Mid-Year Sale: Best deals so far

Amazon devices

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd gen)AU$119AU$79

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd gen) | AU$119 AU$79 (save AU$40)

An affordable way to make your home smarter, Amazon's Echo Show 5 (2nd gen) can let you control a wide range of devices throughout your household with simple Alexa voice commands. It sports a 5-inch smart display which lets you see extra information, like recipes in the kitchen, for instance. Now discounted by AU$40.

Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd gen)AU$229AU$149

Amazon Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) | AU$229 AU$149 (save AU$80)

Much like the product above, only with a larger 8-inch display. It also sports a 13MP camera for video calls. As always, Alexa voice control lets you control your other smart devices. Now discounted by AU$80.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd gen)AU$429AU$364

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd gen) | AU$429 AU$364 (save AU$65)

If you want to get really fancy, the Echo Show 10 (3rd gen) will help you do that. It's got a 10.1-inch screen that can actually rotate around to follow your eyeline as you move about your home. It even has an automatic pan and zoom feature which is handy for video calls. Now discounted by AU$65.

Amazon Echo Show 15AU$399AU$339

Amazon Echo Show 15 | AU$399 AU$339 (save AU$60)

Want the largest Amazon smart display that's currently available? The Echo Show 15 delivers just that, with a beautiful 15.6-inch HD display that also features Fire TV built in, meaning you can stream your favourite shows on it while you're cooking up a storm. Now discounted by AU$60.

Amazon Echo Buds (2nd gen)AU$169AU$69

Amazon Echo Buds (2nd gen) | AU$169 AU$69 (save AU$100)

Thanks to this massive 59% discount, you can pick up Amazon's Echo Buds (2nd gen) for just AU$69. That's a pretty good price for noise cancellation earbuds, even if they aren't quite as good as Sony's buds.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 (wireless)AU$299AU$199

Ring Video Doorbell 3 (wireless) | AU$299 AU$199 (save AU$100)

Upgrade your doorbell and your home security at the same time with this 33% discount on the Ring Video Doorbell 3. Capture all visitors to your home in crisp HD video, day or night. It works off a rechargeable battery pack or can be wired properly to your home for constant power and is now discounted by AU$100.

Laptops & PCs

Apple MacBook Air (2022; 13.6-inch) | M2 / 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD |AU$2,349AU$2,117

Apple MacBook Air (2022; 13.6-inch) | M2 / 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD | AU$2,349 AU$2,117 (save AU$232)

Typically, Apple products usually only get around a 10% discount, regardless of what time of year it is. So with that in mind, a deal like this on the latest 13-inch MacBook Air is probably the best you can expect for the foreseeable future. Of course, there's every chance Amazon may have a better deal on Prime Day.

PC Peripherals

Razer Naga Pro wireless gaming mouse AU$269.95AU$131.25

Razer Naga Pro wireless gaming mouse | AU$269.95 AU$131.25 (save AU$138.70)

If you're serious about your desktop gaming, you'll need an equally serious mouse. The Razer Naga Pro is one such option which comes with a selection of side plates and programmable buttons, along with the option of both wired and wireless connectivity. Now discounted by AU$138.70.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed wireless mechanical keyboard AU$399AU$249

Logitech G915 Lightspeed wireless mechanical keyboard | AU$399 AU$249 (save AU$150)

One of the best low-profile wireless mechanical keyboards you can get, the Logitech G915 supports multiple profiles, meaning you can switch up your macros and colour schemes with ease. Now discounted by AU$150.


Diablo 4 (PS5) AU$109.95AU$84 at Amazon

Diablo 4 (PS5) | AU$109.95 AU$84 at Amazon (save AU$25.95)

From June 6, you'll be able to jump into Blizzard's long awaited dungeon crawling RPG. Diablo 4 has been a long time coming, and will have you jump in to fight hordes of monsters in one of its many customisable classes. On Amazon, it's come down to just AU$84 across the platforms PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X.

Meta Quest 2 (256GB) AU$720AU$590

Meta Quest 2 (256GB) | AU$720 AU$590 (save AU$130)

With the pricey Meta Quest 3 officially on the way, now might be a good time to score the Meta Quest 2 at a great price. Right now, the 256GB version is discounted by AU$130 to just AU$590. Alternatively you can pay even less by opting for the 128GB version, which is currently discounted to AU$509.99.

PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headsetAU$159.95AU$129

PS5 Pulse 3D wireless headset | AU$159.95 AU$129 (save AU$30.95)

Want a headset that'll take full advantage of Sony's Pulse 3D audio? Well, this deal's for you. Get the PS5's official Pulse 3D wireless headset for just AU$129 right now, which is a discount of AU$30.95. A great option for immersive in-game sound.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (PS5) AU$109.95AU$69

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (PS5) | AU$109.95 AU$69 (save AU$40.95)

Put aside some performance issues, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is one of the best games in the entire franchise. Play as the powerful Cal Kestis once again and embark on an another adventure with your trusty droid companion BD-1. Face off against the Empire as one of the only surviving Jedi post Order 66. Now discounted to just AU$69, which is a saving of AU$40.95.

Price comparison: JB Hi-Fi: AU$89 | Kogan: AU$88

God of War Ragnarok (PS5) AU$124.95AU$66

God of War Ragnarok (PS5) | AU$124.95 AU$66 (save AU$58.95)

This massive and worthy sequel to 2018’s masterful God of War sees Kratos and Atreus take separate journeys through Midgard, both with the goal of preventing the prophecy of Ragnarok and the destruction of the nine realms. Now only AU$66 on Amazon, which is a AU$58.95 saving on the RRP.

Price comparison: Mighty Ape: AU$78 | JB Hi-Fi: AU$79

Razer Kraken Kitty Edition headset AU$169.95AU$86.10

Razer Kraken Kitty Edition headset | AU$169.95 AU$86.10 (save AU$83.85)

Without a doubt the cutest gaming headset on the market, Razer's Kraken Kitty Edition has received a nice discount of AU$83, bringing it down to under AU$90. For that you get Bluetooth connectivity, adorable cat ears that light up and a stylish pink colourway, which is perfect if you already own any of Razer's other pink gear. You could also opt to pick up the Razer Seiren Mini condenser microphone, which is also pink and currently discounted to just AU$39.65 (save AU$50.30).

DualSense wireless controller (blue)AU$109.95AU$67 at Amazon

DualSense wireless controller (blue) | AU$109.95 AU$67 at Amazon (save AU$40.95)

Looking to freshen up your gaming setup? Score one of Sony's beautiful DualSense controllers from only AU$67, which is a 44% discount! That's the best price we've seen on a DualSense controller we've seen to date, so if you need one, we recommend jumping on this deal.

Other colours: pink: AU$67 | black: AU$67 | purple: AU$69

Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller (Black) AU$89.95AU$69 at Amazon

Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller (Black) | AU$89.95 AU$69 at Amazon (save AU$20.95)

One of the biggest games of the year is landing on June 6, and you can pick it up at launch with a sweet AU$25.95 discount. Submerge yourself into Blizzard's long-awaited dungeon crawling RPG for just AU$84 across the platforms PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X.

Price comparison: JB Hi-Fi: AU$89

Asus TUF Gaming AX5400 gaming routerAU$399AU$299

Asus TUF Gaming AX5400 gaming router | AU$399 AU$299 (save AU$130)

Give your wireless network a serious boost with Asus' TUF Gaming AX5400 gaming router. It offers Wi-Fi 6 support and speeds up to 5400Mbps, which should ensure stable online gameplay. Now discounted to just AU$299, which is a saving of AU$130.

Phones & tablets

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 (256GB, purple) AU$1,649AU$899 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 (256GB, purple) | AU$1,649 AU$899 at Amazon (save AU$750)

Although we're due for a refresh of Samsung's foldables in the next month or so, you can't argue with this massive AU$750 discount on the 128GB model Galaxy Z Flip 4 in Bora Purple. Alternatively, you can pick from one of the other options below, albeit at a smaller discount.

Other variations: 128GB: AU$999 | 256GB: AU$1,049 (AU$949 with Prime) | 512GB: AU$1,099

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (256GB) |AU$1,949AU$1,699

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (256GB) | AU$1,949 AU$1,699 (save AU$250)

While not quite as big of a discount as the previous offer, 15% off Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra is still a good deal given that it's the company's current flagship. This deal is from a third party seller, but thankfully it still ships from Amazon and is fully covered by the site's return policy. The biggest discount is only available on the black option, but you can still get the green version at a 10% discount for AU$1,750.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi, 128GB) AU$1,099AU$816

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi, 128GB) | AU$1,099 AU$816 (save AU$283)

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S8 is a gorgeous tablet with an 11-inch AMOLED display that's now discounted by AU$283. It's great for drawing, drafting, streaming videos and even working. Please note, this deal is for the Wi-Fi only model with 128GB storage and in the black option. Though, if you want silver or pink, they've also scored a discount but only come down to AU$824 at this time.


Philips 65-inch Ambilight 4K LED TVAU$1,595AU$1,117

Philips 65-inch Ambilight 4K LED TV | AU$1,595 AU$1,117 (save AU$478)

Change the mood in your living room with the Philips Ambilight 4K LED TVs, which offers LED backlighting that projects colours (that match what you're watching) on the wall behind your telly. It's a beautiful effect, and the 65-inch model is currently discounted to just AU$1,227, which is a saving of AU$478.

Philips 55-inch Ambilight 4K OLED TVAU$2,695AU$1,887

Philips 55-inch Ambilight 4K OLED TV | AU$2,695 AU$1,887 (save AU$808)

Like the sound of the Philips Ambilight TV in the previous deal, but would prefer an OLED screen? The Philips 55-inch Ambilight 4K OLED TV in this deal offers just that, and has been reduced by a huge AU$808 to just AU$1,887. Supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound, and runs on the Android TV platform.

Headphones & speakers

Apple AirPods MaxAU$899AU$764.10

Apple AirPods Max | AU$899 AU$764.10 (save AU$134.90)

Grab a pair of Apple’s coveted AirPods Max over-ear headphones, which feature a sturdy metal design and excellent sound quality. They're pricey, but you do get Active Noise Cancellation and Apple's excellent Transparency mode and seamless switching between Apple devices. You also get up to 20 hours of battery life.

Colour options: grey: AU$764.10 | green: AU$764.10 | white: AU$764.10

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 ProAU$349AU$209

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro | AU$349 AU$209 (save AU$140)

Featuring a deceptively big sound and bass-filled audio, Samsung's Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are a big step up from the company's previous Pro buds, particularly when it comes to noise cancellation. They also have an IPX7-certified waterproof rating, and deliver around 23 hours of playtime between the buds and the included charging case. Now discounted by AU$140.

Price comparison: JB Hi-Fi: AU$209 | The Good Guys: AU$243 | Samsung: AU$244.30

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 headphonesAU$399AU$298

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 headphones | AU$399 AU$298 (save AU$101)

We were very impressed with Sennheiser's Momentum True Wireless 3 headphones in our review, which led us to award them 4.5 stars. Now discounted by AU$101, which means you can pick them up for less than AU$300. For that you get IPX4-certified waterproofing and roughly 31 hours of listening time between the buds and their included charging case. Supports Bluetooth 5.2.

Price comparison: The Good Guys: AU$299 | JB Hi-Fi: AU$309

Bose QuietComfort EarbudsAU$400AU$249

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds | AU$400 AU$249 (save AU$151)

The first-generation Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are an an excellent pair of true wireless, sporting excellent. noise-cancellation and Bose's renowned audio quality. They may have been replaced by a newer model, but this pair is definitely worth picking up at AU$249, which is a discount of AU$151. 

More colours: Black: AU$249 | White: AU$249

UE Wonderboom 3 |AU$149.95AU$98 on Amazon

UE Wonderboom 3 | AU$149.95 AU$98 on Amazon (save AU$51.95)

Despite its small size, the UE Wonderboom 3 delivers surprisingly big sound. It also offers impressive battery life and comes in a range of stylish colours to match your personality. Now discounted by 35%.


Canon EOS R7 (body only) |AU$2,299AU$2,059 on Amazon

Canon EOS R7 (body only) | AU$2,299 AU$2,059 on Amazon (save AU$240)

The APS-C format R7 is already decently priced, but this tidy discount makes it even more affordable. It offers high speed RAW capture, excellent autofocus, dual SD card support, 4K video, in-body stabilisation, a 40fps continuous shooting speed and more.

Kitchen and home

Breville The Barista Express espresso machine (Black Sesame, BES870KBS) AU$749.95AU$599 at Amazon

Breville The Barista Express espresso machine (Black Sesame, BES870KBS) | AU$749.95 AU$599 at Amazon (save AU$150.95)

Love coffee? Treat yourself with Breville's The Barista Express, an espresso machine that's now discounted by over AU$150 in the Black Sesame colour option. Easy to use and offering a variety of settings, The Barista Express comes with an integrated grinder and built-in steam wand.

Stainless Steel (BES870BSS): Amazon: AU$679

Black Truffle (BES870BTR4IAN1): Amazon: AU$679

Miele Blizzard CX1 Excellence bagless vacuum |AU$749AU$599

Miele Blizzard CX1 Excellence bagless vacuum | AU$749 AU$599 (save AU$150)

Not a fan of batteries and the short run times of cordless vacuums? This powerful corded barrel vacuum cleaner should please you, especially with a nice AU$150 discount.

Koala mattresses and furniture | up to 29% off

Koala mattresses and furniture | up to 29% off

Right now, you can get all three variations of Koala's highly rated mattresses at a discount of up to 29% off. You should note that sizes are limited, and that Amazon is only a third-party reseller in this instance.

When is Amazon’s Mid-Year Sale 2023?

Amazon's Mid-Year Sale kicked off at 12am AEST on June 1, 2023 and is set to continue until 11:59pm AEST on Tuesday, June 6, 2023. The sales event coincides with Australia's EOFY sales which occur around the same time.

Should I wait for Prime Day?

Typically, Amazon's Prime Day sale tends to offer a wider range of discounts compared to its Mid-Year Sale. However, if you spot a great deal during the Mid-Year Sale, it might be wise to pounce on it as it may not come around again on Prime Day.

Another big difference between the two is that Prime Day deals are exclusively for Prime subscribers, while Amazon’s Mid-Year Sale is available to everyone. So if you aren't a Prime member, there's no point waiting. Of course, you could always sign up to Amazon Prime for a free 30-day trial if you're a first-time subscriber.

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