NBN plan not cutting it? Optus just slashed the price of its fast 100Mbps plan

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Optus has dropped some epic savings across its NBN home internet plans. Optus offers customers speedy and secure internet plans, and currently, this promotion on its NBN 100 plan will cost you the same as its NBN 50 plan.

Typically setting you back AU$99 per month, this epic deal will discount the price to just AU$75 p/m — that's a saving of AU$24 p/m! This price from a major telco is pretty stellar if you ask us, as you'll currently spend AU$95 p/m for a Telstra plan or AU$79.99 p/m for TPG for the same speed. 

So, if you're after faster internet at a reasonable price or paying more for fewer downloads, this deal may be perfect for you. Optus has a range of discounted NBN plans right now, offering maximum savings of up to AU$240 over the first six months of your service. But you better hurry; you only have until 27 March 2024 to sign up for these discounted deals (available to new and existing Optus customers). 

But if these plans don't tickle your fancy, we have a list of the best NBN plans and the best 5G internet plans that you might want to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your home broadband.

Optus | NBN 100 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$75 p/m

Optus | NBN 100 | Unlimited data | No lock-in contract | AU$75 p/m (for six months then AU$99 p/m)

This epic Optus deal is one of the best we've seen from the big three telcos in a while. Retailing at AU$99 p/m, this introductory offer will save you AU$24 p/m for the first six months — that's a saving of AU$144 — before the price increases. According to ACCC data, Optus delivers 100.6% of advertised download speeds across all hours of the day — meaning you can reasonably expect to reach 100Mbps during the peak evening hours.

Keep in mind that this plan's minimum cost is AU$381, as it includes the modem; however, you won't pay any additional fees for the modem if you remain connected for 36 months or more. 

Minimum monthly cost: AU$381 (including modem fee) | Total cost for first 12 months: AU$1,044 | Yearly cost after discount: AU$1,188

Do note, though, that Optus’ NBN 100 plan will increase to AU$99 p/m after the discount period ends, higher than the average of this speed tier of AU$91.15 p/m.

But if you're more inclined to sign up for a superfast or ultrafast plan, then Optus' NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans are also majorly discounted. The NBN 250 is down to just AU$85 p/m for the first six months, which is well below its regular price of AU$119. 

Optus' ultrafast NBN 1000 plan has been reduced to AU$109 p/m, which saves a massive AU$240 over the first six months. It's worth mentioning that all Optus plans above 50Mbps come with an Ultra Wi-Fi Modem (Gen 2), and you'll need to pay an additional fee upon signing up for the modem.

If you cancel your service before 36 months, you'll also need to pay a fee of AU$8.50 per month for the time remaining on your plan (e.g. you'll need to pay AU$297.50 if you leave after one month). 

Keen to upgrade your home broadband but want to view your options? Check out the most popular NBN 100 plans in the widget below. 

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