Act fast! The best gaming headset I’ve ever tested just hit all-time-low price

Sony Inzone H5 deal
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This is going to sound hyperbolic, but here goes: The Sony Inzone H5 is the best gaming headset I’ve ever used. A mid-range marvel that proves equally good at elevating the audio of the best PS5 games or best Netflix shows, these cans are superb. 

Sony's over-ear headphones are also currently discounted, making them even more of a no-brainer purchase for PS5 players. Right now, the Sony Inzone H5 Wireless Gaming Headset is on sale for $128 at Amazon. That’s $21 off the normal list price of $149 this headset usually goes for and the best price yet. 

Sony Inzone H5 Wireless Headset: was $149 now $128 @ Amazon

Sony Inzone H5 Wireless Headset: was $149 now $128 @ Amazon
The Sony Inzone H5 is my favorite headset to use with both my PS5 and gaming PC. Lightweight and comfortable to use for long periods of time, the H5 can last for 28 hours on a full charge. It also boasts 40mm drivers to provide detailed sound and supports 3D audio for immersive gaming.

I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time over the past couple of months with the Inzone H5 wrapped around my ears. This primarily gaming-focused headset is so good, I’ve barely used my high-end Sonos surround system consisting of a Sonos Arc soundbar and a duo of Sonos Era 300 speakers since Sony sent me a review unit to test.

In my recent Sony Inzone H5 review, I said this device “can provide me with richer audio experiences than far more expensive headsets I’ve previously owned. Loud, ultra comfortable and delivering fantastic 3D spatial audio, this is the PS5 headset I’d recommend over any other.”

With a handy dongle that lets you switch between a PS5 and PC mode, the Inzone H5 actually sounds even better on my gaming rig than it does on Sony’s console. That’s mainly thanks to the Inzone Hub app that lets you tinker with the EQ, allowing you to boost bass and treble levels. I’ve been replaying Elden Ring on one of the best gaming PCs recently and hearing the eerie score as I slice and dice monsters in the Lands Between has been truly ear-arousing. Delivering rich, full-bodied audio, the Inzone H5 is a great choice for both PS5 and PC players.

Its 3D spatial audio also raises in-game immersion in the likes of Returnal or Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. I love this surround sound-aping feature, and it makes Housemarque’s sci-fi shooter even more satisfying to blast through — just wait until you hear that lashing alien rain.

Sony Inzone H5 - next to Xbox Wireless Controller and Nintendo Switch OLED

Thanks to its 3.5mm headphone jack you can use this Sony headset with the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S.  (Image credit: Future)

The Inzone H5 is also a great headset to listen to shows and movies on. I just rewatched Jurassic Park for roughly the 6,384th time (Spielberg’s classic dino adventure is my favorite movie ever), and the H5 delivered sensational sounds. This headset is so naturally loud out of the box, I’m surprised my eardrums didn’t implode during the T.rex’s booming victory roar after it saves the dinosaur day by rescuing our heroes from a pair of raptors.

Another key strength of the Inzone H5 is just how comfortable this headset is. I often struggle to wear over-ear headphones for extended periods of time as I have sensitive skin, but the cups of Sony’s headset are so comfortable, I can wear them for hours without irritating my delicate lobes.

So yeah, it’s probably pretty clear I adore the Sony Inzone H5. At its normal $149 price tag, I already think it provides excellent value for money, so paying $128 for what I consider to be the best mid-range gaming headset is a deal I recommend you don’t pass up if you’re on the hunt for a supreme pair of cans.

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