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Remote Viewing

Build A Web-Based Video Security System

The beauty of WiLife is that live videos can be securely sent to a remote computer. Go to the Online tab of the Setup section, click on Create a WiLife Online Account, and type in your info. It’s all free.

Start by making sure your router’s UPnP section is enabled. It will allow the video signals to be sent out and received without compromising your network’s security. You’ll need to dig into the router’s software settings to do this. On my Linksys router, this option is at the bottom of the Administration page.

Next, click on the Online tab’s Connect button to start sending video. The Online Status area below should change from Disconnected to Connected. 

Using another computer, either from within your home network or at a remote location, access this link with any recent Web browser, and log in. Click on any of the cams in the My Cameras area at the top. In about 20 seconds you’ll see the camera’s video stream.

At any time, you can pick another camera, display all the cams, or (as I prefer) click on Cycle to have the software display each camera for half a minute. Watching live video remotely works, but there is a slight delay due to the processing that occurs at the host PC site.

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