Fujitsu U810 Sub-Laptop Mini Review

There are mobile PCs and then there are ultra mobile PCs (UMPC). The U810 is definitely the latter.

The U810 is likely the smallest notebook we’ve ever tested with a miniscule 5.6" screen and weighing just under two lbs.

But wait, there is more to this diminutive little device: the Fujitsu U810 is actually a convertible UMPC - meaning that it works like a notebook and a tablet PC.

What can you do with such a small device? In fact, you can do a lot, but such a small size brings with it drawbacks in both power and functionality.

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  • joebob2000
    Someone help me out here. What exactly is the application for this size of a device? To me, a device either fits in your pocket (cell phone sized) or it doesn't. This is where devices like the iPhone and other do-it-all phones have a serious advantage. Once you get any bigger than your pocket, you need to 'carry' something around. And once you do that, why not get a compact notebook, something with at least a full keyboard, and some power and upgrade potential. In between these two devices, are things too big to go in your pocket, but too small to have any advantages over a notebook.

    Is there a killer app or something I am missing? Or is this device another stab in the dark by mfrs, that is destined for novelty and an early demise?
  • Anonymous
    I see it more for home users. This is the perfect size for sitting in bed at night surfing the net or in the "reading room." Broadband is coming for it in the first part of the year Iv'e read. We will see if that pans out. There are other devices out there for just surfing the net but you can also keep your finances on this, etc. Plust, it's just too cute:)
  • wolfman85
    It doesnt even have wi-fi built in. Am I gonig to have to dig out a PCI wireless card for this thing? Joebob, you bring up very valid points. I'm remembering the old SONY Vaios which was TINY, but hte specs are pretty much the same on those little buggers (from 6 years ago) as this thing today, except the ram.

    Is this supposed to run Win2000 or XP with minimal services? OR is it a Linux box complete? Vista would eat thing thing alive!
  • Anonymous
    "There is also an integrated Intel i945GM/PM wireless chip built in, too."

    There is Wireless. So its not completely useless.
  • Stardude82
    Another ho-hum overpriced mini-pc. Even with the tablet feature and hard drive, there is little to put it over the $300-$400 ASUS EEE. I don't know if I could stand reading text of a 5.6' screen.

    As for the price of one of these, you could get a cheap PC and cheap laptop or a nice PC with an EEE, an XO, a Kindle, an iTouch, a Nokia Internet Tablet, etc.

    Right now there is no shortage of inexpensive (
  • VTOLfreak
    How to tell its TOO small?
    - When there's no room left to put a RJ45 jack and DSUB port.
    - When it double-maps functions to the 1 inch spacebar.

    Small laptops are nice but when you have to forgo some basic laptop functions it has obviously become too small. I consider a 12" screen laptop a good tradeoff between weight/size and features/comfort on the other side.
  • Anonymous
    I'm a college student, and I need to lug around a laptop as well as several very large books every day for at least 10 hours a day (not to mention the fact that I have to park about 1 mile away from the part of campus where most of my classes are held). I can definitely see an advantage in having this type of laptop, even if it is a bit underpowered.
  • Anonymous
    I have one of these. To the guy who says it either fits in your pocket or it should be full size, I guess you don't travel much. Phones like iPhone or ppc are fine for email but not SW development or other serious work. This computer is very nice, I just wish the second mini-pci slot was populated with a connector so I could mod it a bit more, and that the CF slot was faster.