Google Launching Desktop Notifications for Gmail

Google today revealed in a blog post that Gmail users using the company’s browser, Google Chrome, can now activate a setting that will allow them to receive desktop notifications for when they receive emails or chat messages.

"Many of us are guilty of constantly switching back to Gmail to check for new messages. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably missed an important chat message because you weren’t looking at your Gmail window when it came in," Google’s Andrew Wilson.

"If you use Google Chrome, these days can be over since we just launched HTML5 desktop notifications which display pop-ups whenever a chat message or new email arrives."

To activate the feature, go to your Gmail settings and activate desktop notifications. You can also customize it so you only receive Gmail or Gchat notifications, or only priority inbox notifications.

No word on whether non-Chrome users can expect this feature in the near future or if they’ll have to switch.

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  • restatement3dofted
    Seems like a decent feature, but it would be a lot more useful to me (personally, anyway) if it sent a desktop notification of new emails any time you had a chrome window open, rather than only when you already have gmail open in a tab or window (which currently appears to be the case). If I have to have the inbox open somewhere anyway, there's not a ton of added value in desktop notifications, since I'm constantly switching between tabs, and it already has an indicator on gmail's browser tab if you have new emails.
  • icepick314
    not really a useful feature...

    many multi-service IM clients have webmail notification...
  • restatement3dofted
    Forget what I said above, I don't see the value in this feature at all. Gmail notifier has always let you get desktop notifications of new emails without having to have a browser open at all, and gchat's default is set to make your browser tab flash whenever you get a new message. Point of new feature = ?