The Wahoo KICKR RUN treadmill promises to be a game-changer for indoor running, and it’s available to pre-order now

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After being announced in January, the innovative Wahoo KICKR RUN treadmill is now available to pre-order, with delivery expected in the Fall.

The Wahoo KICKR RUN costs $4,999.99 and introduces some novel features even the best treadmills don’t currently offer. The standout is the RunFree Mode that allows you to speed up and slow down without touching a button — the treadmill adjusts the speed in line with your gait, creating a more realistic running experience.

That realism is added to by the lateral tilt on the treadmill, which can tilt to the side by up to 1.5° to mimic the uneven surfaces you run on outside, which engages different muscles. The KICKR RUN also offers up to 15% of incline, as well as up to 3% of decline to simulate running downhill.

Wahoo KICKR RUN Treadmill: $4,999.99 at Wahoo

Wahoo KICKR RUN Treadmill: $4,999.99 at Wahoo

The new KICKR RUN treadmill is available to pre-order now, with shipping expected in the Fall. Along with impressive speed and incline ranges, the KICKR RUN offers novel features like a RunFree mode where the speed automatically adjust in line with your running gait.

The speed range is even more impressive, with the top speed of 15mph (4min 0sec/mile) being something I’ve only come across on the most expensive treadmills before — that cost nearer $10,000 than $5,000 — none of which also offer the innovative RunFree mode.

Like Wahoo’s excellent cycling indoor trainers, the KICKR RUN will also offer easy connectivity to third-party apps, including Zwift and Training Peaks as well as Wahoo’s own training app. 

Connected apps will be able to control the incline and decline on the treadmill automatically, so if you’re running on a rolling route in Zwift you’ll feel the ups and downs without having to fiddle with the treadmill’s controls.

As an obsessive runner who logs about 60-80 miles a week I don’t really enjoy the repetitive and unrealistic feel of indoor running, and don’t always trust treadmill workouts are giving me the training effect I’m aiming for. Hopefully the Wahoo KICKR RUN will live up to its promise of feeling more like running outdoors.

The Wahoo KICKR RUN will initially only be available in the US, before expanding to other areas in 2025. You will have to pay a refundable $500 deposit to secure a machine and once one is available you have five days to pay the balance or claim a refund. You can also request a refund at any time while waiting for the treadmill to be available.

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