Beautyrest Harmony vs Beautyrest Select: Which is the best cheap mattress for you?

Beautyrest Harmony vs Beautyrest Select Mattress
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If your heart is set on one of Beautyrest's top budget mattresses, then your options are either the Select or the Harmony. In this affordable Beautyrest mattress comparison, we’re looking at both models to see which one best suits you body and sleep needs (in addition to your budget): the Beautyrest Select vs Beautyrest Harmony.

Beautyrest makes some of the best mattresses for all types of sleepers, and the both the Select and Harmony are hybrid models designed to boost support while keeping you cool during sleep. And for a fraction of the cost too. 

Both are customizable in terms of firmness levels, but there isn't a huge difference in price. A recent price drop means the Beautyrest Harmony now starts from $499 MSRP, while the Beautyrest Select starts at $569. The upcoming Memorial Day mattress sales could bring about further reductions, but we doubt it as these prices are already rock-bottom. Here's how to choose between the Beautyrest Harmony vs Beautyrest Select mattress...

Beautyrest Harmony:

Beautyrest Harmony: from $499 at Beautyrest
Beautyrest have recently dropped the price on the Harmony by $100, meaning the price starts from $499 for a medium firmness and $599 for the plush and firm finishes. You’ll also currently save 50% on two pillows by adding the code PILLOW50 to the cart. Again though this mattress is currently at full MSRP, so do wait till Memorial Day to see if you can get it cheaper.

Beautyrest Select:

Beautyrest Select: from $569 at Beautyrest
Beautyrest run discounts throughout the year, although the mattress is currently at full MSRP. You’ll see more discounts around major holidays so with Memorial Day coming up, we’d recommend hanging on until then to get the best possible price. If you’re in urgent need though, a queen is a very reasonable $699.

Beautyrest Harmony vs Beautyrest Select Mattress: Specs

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Type:Hybrid Hybrid
Firmness:Plush, Medium, Firm Plush, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm
Pillow Top options:Plush Plush, Medium
Trial:100 nights100 nights
Warranty:10 years10 years
Price bracket:AffordableAffordable

Beautyrest Harmony vs Beautyrest Select Mattress: Price & trials

  • Beautyrest offer discounts during major sales events
  • Both mattresses come with free old mattress removal
  • Both are available on a 100-night trial

The Beautyrest Select and Harmony both sit at the lower end of the Beautyrest range, with prices at full MSRP firmly in the lower mid-range bracket. Wait for a major sale though, and you might even pick one up for a budget price. 

Unlike many of the other mattress suppliers, Beautyrest tend to keep their discounts for the main holiday events, so we’d currently recommend waiting for the Memorial Day sales to grab the best discounts.

Image shows the Beautyrest Harmony Mattress on a wooden bedframe

(Image credit: Beautyrest)

There’s a negligible price difference between the two mattresses, so price won’t really be a factor when deciding between the two. What is impressive with both options is the customizable options you get with what is essentially a lower end mattress. These benefits are unusual among even the very best affordable mattresses.

Beautyrest offer a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty – so far, so normal for mattresses in this price bracket. Where the Beautyrest mattresses win out over many of their peers though is the inclusion of free white glove delivery, plus the removal of your old mattress. Considering many brands offer charge several hundred dollars for this, you’re getting an absolute bargain.

Beautyrest Harmony vs Beautyrest Select Mattress: Materials & design

  • The Beautyrest Select has gel memory foam and pocketed coils
  • The Beautyrest Harmony has a cover made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Both mattresses come in different heights

Like the best hybrid mattresses for all sleepers, both Beautyrest options are made up of layers of foams and coils. They also both have the option to choose between various firmness options, which gives a range of heights to the mattresses.

The Beautyrest Select is made up of layers of premium memory foam that’s designed to provide pressure relief and keep the spine aligned. There’s also a layer of Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam and Stretch-Flex Fiber that contours around the body, along with a layer of 800 Series Pocketed Coil Technology for head to toe support.

The coils also help to promote airflow. Finally, the mattress also contains Beautyrest’s patented DualCool Plus technology, made with a moisture-wicking fabric to draw heat and moisture away from the body.

The environmentally friendly Beautyrest Harmony’s sleep surface is made from between 30 and 50 plastic bottles (depending on the size) that have been collected from the ocean and recycled. Underneath this is a layer of CertiPUR-US certified Aircool memory foam, designed to contour to the body, followed by a layer of pocket coils for support and airflow.

The Beautyrest Select Mattress on a grey fabric bedframe placed on a jute rug

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This is the makeup of the standard Premier Beachfront Bay series, but you’ve also got the option to upgrade to the Exceptional Cypress Bay series, which has added cooling fibers and more supportive premium foams.

Beautyrest Harmony vs Beautyrest Select Mattress: Comfort & support

  • The Beautyrest Select comes in four firmness options
  • The Beautyrest Harmony comes in six firmness options
  • Both mattresses offer pressure relief

The advantage of the Beautyrest range is that you’ve got several customizable options to choose from to ensure you get the best feel and support for your sleeping requirements. 

Both mattresses offer plush (soft), medium and firm options, but the Harmony also offers an extra firm option that’s ideal for heavier sleepers. You’ve also got the option to upgrade to a pillow top – the Select offers a plush pillow tip, while the Harmony gives you the choice of a plush or medium option.

The pillow tops add a softer, sink-in top layer to the mattresses, which can help to soften or firm up the overall feel depending on which firmness / pillow top combination you’ve chosen. The Harmony also gives you the option of upgrading to the Exceptional Cypress Bay series, which has more supportive foams for contouring and pressure relief.

Beautyrest Harmony vs Beautyrest Select Mattress: Temperature control

  • Both Beautyrest mattresses are hybrids
  • The Select has a cooling surface to wick away moisture
  • The Harmony can be upgraded with extra cooling tech

Both Beautyrest mattresses do a decent job of keeping sleepers cool at night, with moisture-wicking covers and well-spaced pocketed coils to promote airflow. But the Beautyrest Harmony also has the option to upgrade to the Exceptional Cypress Bay series, which contains an extra layer of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric with the brand’s Infinicool technology. 

This contains surface level cooling fibers to help regulate body temperature and cool sleepers down if they become too warm. Of course, neither of these mattresses offer extensive cooling options so, if you are a particularly hot sleeper, we’d recommend that you invest in one of the best cooling mattresses.

Beautyrest Harmony vs Beautyrest Select Mattress: Which should you buy?

Buy the Beautyrest Select mattress if…

You share your bed with a restless partner: Thanks to its layers of memory foam, the Select does an excellent job of isolating motion, meaning you’re unlikely to be disturbed by a restless partner at night.

You want a smaller selection of options: The Select has customizable options but they aren’t as extensive (or possibly as confusing) as those offered with the Harmony. This mattress gives you three firmness options, plus you can add in a plush pillow top for extra sinkage.

You’re on a tight budget: A queen Select mattress is $100 cheaper than the Harmony, making this a great choice for those on a budget. Plus, if you can wait for a sales event, you’re likely to pick up a quality mattress for a budget price.

Buy the Beautyrest Harmony mattress if…

You want a sustainably made mattress: With CertiPUR-US certified foams and a cover that’s made from recycled plastic that’s been collected from the ocean, the Harmony is a sustainable choice that turns waste into a comfortable place to sleep.

You want more options: With four firmness options and a choice of two pillow tops to choose from, the Harmony can be tweaked to your exact sleeping style and specifications.

You’re a heavier sleeper: The Harmony offers the option of an extra firm finish, which should be firm enough for heavier bodies. This is also a good choice if you’re a stomach sleeper, as it will help to keep your hips raised and spine aligned.

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