I played golf in Lululemon’s ShowZero Polo to see if it actually prevents sweat stains — here’s what happened

Man playing golf while wearing the Lululemon ShowZero polo outside
(Image credit: Jeff Kozuch)

I take a lot of comments from my crew at the golf club, but looking sharp? Never. Yet this day was different, as I upped my fashion game on the green with the new Lululemon ShowZero Polo shirt.

Paired with Lululemon’s ABC Classic-Fit trousers, I stood a little taller in the clubhouse. The colors looked coordinated, the fit was on point, and I’m sure it was no coincidence that I shot my lowest round of the season. But perhaps more importantly, I survived the day-long outing without a sweat stain in sight.

As someone who rarely skimps on golf gear like the best golf gloves and golf shoes, I surprisingly don’t put much thought into my golf apparel. Polos gifted at outings or purchased off the markdown rack at sports shops make up the bulk of my wardrobe.

When I pick up golfing apparel at the big chain stores, I'm underwhelmed and don't feel like I look my best. The real disappointment I get from traditional Dri-Fit golf shirts is the uncomfortable feel on my bare skin, coupled with an unpleasant odor once I break a sweat on the course.

What is the Lululemon ShowZero Polo?

Man wearing the Lululemon ShowZero polo shirt while outside on a sunny day

(Image credit: Jeff Kozuch)

Lululemon promises to solve both those problems with the ShowZero Polo, available in 3 colors; Windmill, Silver Drop, and Rover. But how does the material, which Lululemon developed in-house, work?

The technology virtually eliminates the appearance of sweat on the outside, while the fabric construction wicks sweat off the skin from the inside. Absorbed moisture is supposed to “evaporate through the fabric,” keeping you dry and comfortable while you play.

Lululemon ShowZero Polo: $98 @ Lululemon

Lululemon ShowZero Polo: $98 @ Lululemon
Lululemon's latest golfing polo shirt is designed to handle sweaty sessions, but still be in fine shape for the clubhouse. The sweat-wicking material uses a fabric construction to prevent stains and is available in three colors and sizes S to XXL. 

The company boasts that the pique fabric (constructed of 46% Nylon, 35% Modal, and 19% Elastane) provides four-way stretch, breathability, and a soft feel on the skin, too. I was eager to put these claims to the test. 

Putting the Lululemon ShowZero Polo to the test

Man wearing the Lululemon ShowZero polo shirt while playing golf on a sunny day

(Image credit: Jeff Kozuch)

My trial round came at the perfect time — a bright 80-degree day with the majority of my 100-man club in attendance. Getting dressed that morning, I was surprised by how much I noticed the polo’s quality.

The shirt was softer than any Dri-Fit I'd worn before, and the fit was spot on. The shoulders fit snug and didn’t gather, and the slim-fit waist tucked neatly into my pants. 

As the day warmed up, and beads of sweat appeared on my forehead, I expected my shirt to both look and feel damp. Usually, no amount of deodorant can mask my B.O., either. Not today, though.

My shirt ended the day as it started, feeling comfortable and dry and showing no signs of sweat bleeding through. I was especially impressed when I checked my armpits, with there being no unsightly stain and only a mild aroma that couldn’t reach my playing partners. 

At the bar after the round, I paid particular attention to the other shirts in the room. I realized how I must look on most other days: a bit disheveled and covered in sweat stains until I changed into my spare shirt.

But I dared to leave the spare at home, and the gamble paid off. I confidently raised my arm to toast my friends as they congratulated me on my low gross of the day win. 

Is the Lululemon ShowZero Polo worth it?

Normally I would balk at a $98 price tag for a golf shirt. But based on the test run today, it’s more than reasonable for the Lululemon ShowZero Polo’s performance.

When I got back home, my daughter even commented that I didn’t have my usual post-round ripeness and accepted a warm hug. I’ve already put the outfit through the wash, and it looks and smells as good as new.

I’m as superstitious as anyone, and though I’m not necessarily expecting to win every round I play in it, I can’t wait to wear it to my next outing. I’m looking forward to more compliments and, of course, surviving more rounds looking sweat-free. 

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