Lululemon's ShowZero material can prevent visible sweat marks, but how does it actually work?

Man wearing the Lululemon ShowZero Polo while golfing
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There are very few sports where dressing sharp is a criteria, and golf is one of them. After playing a round of 18, you want to show up to the clubhouse (also referred to as the nineteenth hole) in neat golf shoes looking as orderly as you did when you left the house that day. 

Lululemon’s ShowZero golf polo shirts that limit the appearance of sweat are meant to make that task a bit easier. The $98 Lululemon ShowZero Polo is the first Lululemon item designed with the ShowZero material that the brand developed in-house.

Any Lululemon fan knows that there are several patented fabrics in the Lululemon catalog — ie. the buttery soft Nulu fabric found on the famous Align leggings — but ShowZero is also the first with golfers in mind. 

It’s made to prevent sweat marks from showing through, even in the summer heat. Absorbed moisture also apparently “evaporates through the fabric,” so that you’ll stay dry and comfortable while you play.

ShowZero Polo: $98 @ Lululemon

ShowZero Polo: $98 @ Lululemon
This polo shirt is made of Lululemon's patented ShowZero fabric that's meant to eliminate the unsightly appearance of sweat while wicking away moisture.

Available now for men in four colors and five sizes, the ShowZero Polo uses “innovative fabric construction” that wicks sweat from the inside so that it’s not as apparent on the outside.

Lululemon’s Innovation lab worked with PGA golfer and Lululemon Ambassador Min Woo Lee to test prototypes and ultimately produce the ShowZero material used for the polo. The final construction is 46% Nylon, 35% Modal, and 19% Elastane. 

Lululemon already sells gear suited for golf, from stretchy men’s trousers to sporty women’s skirts. But if it works as advertised, the ShowZero Polo sounds like the ultimate Lululemon item for the green.

It’s just too bad that the material is only available for one style at launch, though we wouldn’t be surprised if Lululemon expands the collection in the near future, especially if the ShowZero fabric works as advertised. 

Releasing more golf-centric clothing seems like a smart move, considering a study from FairwayIQ found participation in the sport grew significantly in 2023, with nearly one-third of the U.S. population now engaging with golf in some way.

The same study also found a rise in female participation, so perhaps a ShowZero Polo cut for women could be in the pipeline. That said, the golf gear and apparel market is very saturated.

But if the Lululemon ShowZero Polo keeps you sweat-free as promised (even if the wearer themself lies about their handicap) it could be a game-changer and make one of the best gifts for golfers.

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