You Can Finally Unsend Gmail on iPhones: Here's How

The best part of using Gmail on desktops and Android devices has finally landed on iOS, but it's so small, you might not even notice it. The Undo button for sent messages is now available to iPhone users, who will no longer be stuck with having sent incorrect missives or anything else they should have kept to themselves.

There are some messages that should stay in Drafts.

There are some messages that should stay in Drafts.

The addition of the Undo button is part of a much larger update that overhauls Gmail for iOS, giving users a much better experience. For starters, the Gmail app is a whole lot snappier, with a speed boost that feels like you just had your first cup of coffee. On a more superficial level, the overhaul gives the iOS Gmail app the same Material Design look and feel that Android users have seen for a while.

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So how can you save yourself from the repercussions of a message that should have stayed in the drafts folder? You'll have to be quick. After you click the send icon (a neat little paper airplane), Gmail offers Undo for only a brief five-second window.

After you've sent an email, a small gray bar appears in the bottom of the screen, and it will stay there for a moment, waiting for you to click Undo in the bottom right corner. If you miss out, that email is gone for good, and you've done something you cannot undo.

At that point, I'd recommend consoling yourself with the fact that at least you have a much better version of Gmail for iOS. You also get swipe to archive and a smarter search that automatically corrects words and offers other suggestions.

If you're really invested in the Google ecosystem but prefer to use an Apple device, also check out the newly updated Google Calendar, which added a week-view in landscape mode.

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