TCL's New 4K TV Delivers HDR and Roku for $599

We got our first glimpse of TCL's television plans for 2017 earlier this year at CES, when the electronics giant previewed its 4K sets. Now we know what the new TVs will cost and when they'll start appearing in living rooms.

TCL's 55-inch 55P607 (Credit: Philip Michaels/Tom's Guide)

(Image credit: TCL's 55-inch 55P607 (Credit: Philip Michaels/Tom's Guide))

TCL will roll out six TVs across two lineups, starting May 26 when it starts taking orders via Amazon for its $599 55-inch 55P607 model. That TV, like the others in the C- and P-Series models TCL announced today (May 11), includes support for Dolby Vision HDR as well as the Roku smart TV OS.

Dolby Vision promises higher color-bit depth than the Ultra HD Premium standard, which allows for more colors and shades of colors. TCL touts Dolby Vision as the preferred HDR format for major studios, which are making more movies and shows available in HDR.

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Amazon, Netflix and Vudu also offer HDR streaming content, and watching an episode of Netflix's Iron Fist on one of TCL's new sets really drove home what a better picture the standard provides. As Danny Rand made his way through a nighttime festival, I had a prime view of both colorful details popping out from darker sections of the scene.

TCL's P-Series sets focus on picture performance. In addition to featuring Dolby Vision HDR, the 4K set includes HDR contrast control zones, which allow it to optimize contrast across 72 zones. That creates localized contrast between light and dark areas, which TCL says adds depth and reality to the picture.

The P-Series sets also include wide color gamut support along with the electronics maker's NBP Photon technology; according to TCL, that accounts for the vibrant color palette that its P-Series models provide.

In addition to the 55-inch 55P607, TCL's P-Series includes 50- and 65-inch models. It did not announce pricing for those sets.

We do know what TVs in TCL's C-Series will cost, though. The 55-inch 55C807 will start at $699, while the 65- and 75-inch C-Series models will cost $1,099 and $1,999, respectively.

TCL's 65-inch 65C807 (Credit: Philip Michaels/Tom's Guide)

(Image credit: TCL's 65-inch 65C807 (Credit: Philip Michaels/Tom's Guide))

The C-Series puts the emphasis on slender design. The 65-inch 65C807 that I saw featured a screen that was less than half-an-inch thick. C-Series models also feature 4K picture with HDR support, and the wide color gamut support with NBP Photon technology. The C-series sets don't offer the contrast control zones because of their slim design, instead using TCL's HDR Dynamic Contrast technology to optimize the picture.

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