Sleep Number x12 Sees You When You're Sleeping

Security cameras and locks may dominate smart tech right now, but you probably spend more time sleeping than monitoring your door. Enter the Sleep Number x12, a smart bed that monitors your sleep habits over time and can even stop your partner from snoring.

The x12, which Tom's Guide had a chance to try at CES 2014, starts at $8,000 and ranges up to $15,400, depending on the size and upholstery you prefer. The bed provides all the expected features of a Sleep Number bed, a brand known for its adjustability and ability to accommodate two partners with different sleep preferences.

Both you and your partner can change the firmness and elevation on your side of the bed without affecting the other. In addition to using a remote control, the x12 allows you to adjust firmness and elevation with your voice.

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The Sleep Number x12 utilizes a series of sensors built into the mattress to measure how long you spend in bed each night, how often you get up, how much of your sleep is restful and how much is restless. The x12 compiles this data for both and your partner, then shares it with an app, available for both Web and iOS (an Android release will come later in 2014).

The app then asks you a series of questions about what you did before bed: Did you drink alcohol? Exercise? Watch TV? Over time, the app will correlate when you got your best and worst sleep with the activities you performed, which may help you sleep better over time.

The x12 even boasts an option to quell a partner's obnoxious snoring by changing the elevation of his or her head. Depending on your habits, these features may not be worth the significant cost of entry, but it's hard to put a price on stopping a partner's obnoxious snoring without accidentally smothering him or her with a pillow.

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