How to Set Up the Galaxy Note 8's Fingerprint Sensor

There’s no mistaking that, design-wise, the Galaxy Note 8 is a slightly larger version of the Galaxy S8, right down to the placement of its fingerprint sensor next to the camera on the back of the phone. (Since the Note 8 features dual rear lenses to the S8’s single lens, that sensor placement feels extra awkward.)

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Samsung offers ways to protect the data on your phone other than a fingerprint scan, but if you’re not sold on biometric alternatives like iris or facial recognition, then you’ll want to set up the fingerprint authentication on your Note 8. It’s faster than typing in a pin or swiping a pattern, and it also confirms mobile payments you make on your device, either via Samsung Pay or Android Pay.

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Here are the quick and easy steps to take to set up the Note 8’s fingerprint sensor.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap on Lock Screen and Security.

3. You’ll see three authentication methods: Face Recognition, Fingerprint Scanner and Iris Scanner. Choose Fingerprint.

4. Read the instructions.

5. Create a PIN number, pattern or password to use as backup when you restart your phone or if you haven’t used the fingerprint sensor in more than 24 hours. For this example, I chose a PIN.

6. Choose a finger, then lift and place it on the sensor several times until the display shows you’ve logged 100 percent of the print. You can add three more fingerprints later if you want multiple options.

7. Once your fingerprint is added, you can tap Add to register another one or press Done.

After you finish, you’ll see options to change your notification settings so you don’t have to unlock your phone with your fingerprint to see alerts.

You can change fingerprint verification settings to use Samsung Pass and Samsung Pay.

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