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Samsung's 146-inch The Wall TV Is Now Available for Order

Update (6/12/2019):Samsung has announced an even larger 292-inch model of The Wall, with 8K resolution. The new model will be available this month. Pricing has not been announced.

Samsung's gigantic "The Wall" TV is getting one step closer to hitting a home near you. But it's making another stop first.

Samsung has begun taking orders on the MicroLED set it unveiled at CES 2018. But for now, the company is focused on selling The Wall Professional, a commercially-oriented version of the giant display. The company is currently limiting the orders to businesses and then will make it available to consumers, according to a report from SamMobile. Samsung ostensibly believes that the television's modular design would find a more suitable home in commercial spaces before it could hit larger rooms in homes.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The move is also likely due to the television's rumored high price tag, which companies might find a bit easier to handle. Pricing hasn't been announced, but Cnet's David Katzmaier predicts The Wall could cost upwards of $100,000. Businesses interested in obtaining one of Samsung's microLED displays can contact the company about purchasing.

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The Wall TV measures 146 inches diagonally and uses MicroLED technology instead of OLED or traditional LED. MicroLED delivers many of the benefits you'll find in OLED, including perfect blacks and eye-popping colors, but the set also boasts 1,600 nits of brightness. That's brighter than today's OLED sets.

At CES 2019 Samsung showed off two new versions of this MicroLED technology. The first was an even larger version of The Wall, stretching the massive TV from the 146-inches we saw in 2018 to a jaw-dropping 219 inches. Because The Wall is made up of borderless tiles, the modular design allows additional tiles to be added, making this even-bigger version of The Wall possible.

But there was also a more reasonable take on the technology, with a 75-inch model called The Window. The TV boasts a refined version of MicroLED that fits more LEDs into smaller modular tiles, allowing the TV to offer 4K resolution in the 75-inch size. It also offers all of the same unique configurations offered on the larger model, with Samsung boasting that the TV would support a variety of aspect ratios beyond the traditional 16:9, and can scale the resolution and aspect ratio to whatever will look best on your unique setup. While we're still waiting on pricing and availability details, the 75-inch version puts MicroLED technology into a size that may actually make it into your living room.

Another key benefit of The Wall is that it's modular, so you can take part of it and move it around and get the exact screen size you want — a handy benefit of MicroLED.

Samsung is touting The Wall and MicroLED specifically as the future of television technology. But one of the problems with MicroLED is that it's difficult to produce, and its true benefits are best seen in really big screens.

Samsung started taking orders last July at InfoComm 2018, and has The Wall listed online for commercial orders. Samsung hasn't shared pricing details, but says that the new consumer models should be available some time in the second half of 2019.