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How to Create a Doom Map of Your House Using a Roomba

Turns out that in addition to sucking up dust bunnies and dog hair, your Roomba can be used to turn your house into hell on earth. A devilishly clever hack lets you import the robot vacuum's mapping data to create a custom demon-infested level of Doom.

The name of the hack? Doomba.

Game developer Rich Whitehouse discovered that the Roomba 980 recorded fairly detailed information about the interior dimensions of his house, and, using Noesis, created a script that converts that data into a Doom level. 

Credit: Rich Whitehouse

(Image credit: Rich Whitehouse)

After downloading Noesis to your PC, the program will look for Roombas on your local network, and then record the data it collects as it goes about its business cleaning your home. You can then customize the number of weapons, enemies, and objects in the level. 

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Whitehouse said that he has only tested Doomba with the now-discontinued Roomba 980, but it presumably should work with the company's other advanced mapping robot vacuums, such as the Roomba i7+

If you don't have a robot vacuum, the Doomba script will also work with image files, according to Whitehouse. But for those who a tidy home as much as they do blowing away demons, it's a fun way to celebrate Doom's 25th anniversary.

Mike Prospero

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